dinsdag 22 december 2020

REMY & Däcker live at BYSS

All packed.
Last Saturday Peter Dekker (aka Däcker) and I did a concert live stream at the BYSS studio of Bas Broekhuis.
BYSS was recently established by Bas, who already did something similar almost two decades ago with his Virtuele Theater.
In the meanwhile techniques have improved, and current times demand online events more than ever before. Great iniative, and a pleasure to follow recent concerts by Ron Boots and Skoulaman (Hans van Kroonenburg) at this same location.

I was looking forward to it so much, because of a couple of reasons.
It was my first and only concert of this strange year 2020, and it definitely felt good to be back on stage.
On top of that, it actually was the first live concert stream I ever did. Ok, I did concerts with an audience which were also streamed, but this was different.
Then, it was a pleasure to do this concert together with my good friend Peter Dekker. Recently I produced his debut album "Pareidolia", which was released on my Deserted Island Music label, under his alter ego Däcker.

Initially I was quite sceptic about live streams. Especially when loads of artists decided to do free streaming concerts at the start of the pandemic, while they normally would have played for a paying audience, didn't feel right.

FoH view at BYSS.
When Bas Broekhuis contacted me two monts ago, it was the intention to let perform me or Mäläskä on his virtual stage. Although I have released my latest solo album "The Other Side" earlier this year, it didn't feel the right moment to perform this, because I was focussed on other more recent projects, including the one with Peter Dekker, and the new Space Art album. However, I am looking forward so much to bring "The Other Side" to the stage with another opportunity.
Then, Petter (with whom I do together Mäläskä) currently had other priorities, so it immediately came in mind to join forces with Däcker for this BYSS session.

You all have to know that "Pareidolia" by Däcker was born out of an improvisation session, recorded by Peter in August 2018. Peter had doubts he could fill 1,5 hours of live music himself, so we soon immediately agreed to do the performance together. Not focussing of any existing material, but let go all expectations, and just play. Blending both our influences and visions into a non-prepared improvisation session.
However, I did a lot of studio work with his 2018 recordings, and added my part to it, but it was only two weeks ago that we played together for the very first time. Although this might have been risky, it luckily worked out pretty fine! So the basis was set for this concert.

Setup at Peter's living room. 
Last Friday I went to Peter's home to set up all gear we were about to use during the concert, and we took the afternoon and evening to technically prepare the gig, and do a rehearsal. Then we wrapped all equipment together, and headed to the most Northeastern part of the province of Groningen Saturday afternoon.

After Peter and I arrived at Bas' farmyard (the studio is built in a former pigsty) around 15:15, we set up all equipment, which went really smooth, and prepared for our live appearance really easy in the remaining hours.

Last couple of days I had already been busy preparing the visuals, but I also worked on something special for Peter. His musical heroes and inspirators Rob Papen, Steve Baltes, Michel Huygen, Eric van der Heijden and René Splinter recorded some very nice messages about their connection/friendship with Peter, "Pareidolia", and the upcoming concert. While featured as introduction of our performance, Peter only got to see this after the concert, and I was pleased to know it moved him.

Then, at 20:00 the video intro started and 5 minutes later we kicked off our concert. The only thing we appointed was that Peter would set in the first note, and the part which concluded the performance. Outside of some pre-programming, nothing of the one and a half hour to come was discussed in advance. Which I like so much about improvisation.
Then, the first note was struck by Peter on his E-Pro Spirit, and the next 90 minutes we played passed by before we realized it, and left us with satisfaction. It was a real pleasure to watch and listen the entire concert myself the day after, and read all comments. Thanks a lot for everyone involved, and the positive vibes. I think I am also speaking for Peter that this really gave us a boost.

After the concert we had a little chill out, before packing all our gear together, and headed to the west again. For me it was almost a three hours drive, but still kicking from all adrenalin, and the good conversations together with Peter, made the time pass by without noticing.

It was a pleasure to do this concert together with Peter. Hopefully there is more to come in 2021!
Thanks to Bas Broekhuis for this great opportunity and the warm welcome, and I expect to come back to BYSS in the new year with Mäläskä and perhaps also REMY.

The entire concert stream, including the introduction can still be watched (and commented on) on Facebook. I will also put it on YouTube later this week.

The final 30 minutes of the concert were also broadcast live on radio Haarlem 105, hosted by Wim Dekker. The archived program can be listened to via this link.

And also write down January 2nd, 2021. The entire concert is going to be broadcast during Electronic Fusion #278. Normally hosted by Jos Verboven, but for this episode, Peter and I will take over the show. Supplemented with more of our recently released music.

Then last but not least, for all gear nerds, here is the list of used equipment:
Peter: ASM Hydrasynth, E-Pro Spirit, Moog The Rogue, Roland VP-330, Sequential Prophet 12.
Remy: Clavia Nord Rack 2, E-Pro Minisynth, Korg Kronos X, Novation Supernova 2.

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