woensdag 23 september 2020

Twilight Princess

It was May 2018 when the First 4 Figures company announced another resin figure of one of the main characters of one of my all time favourite games, "The Legend of Zelda - Twilight Princess" (released for Nintendo's GameCube in 2006).

Wolf Link and Midna (game scene).
First 4 Figures produces limited, high quality and officially licensed resin and PVC figures related to computer games since 2003. 
A couple of years ago the company already produced a figure with Midna on Wolf Link (which I unfortunately don't have), but now it was time for the highly anticipated true form of this Midna. 

I have always been an admirer of the Zelda franchise, but various aspects from this dark "Twilight Princess" definitely made this one of my favourite games from the series.
If you have played this game, you might eventually be familiar with the game's final scene. It is the moment when cursed Midna returns to her true form as the Twilight Princess. This emotional moment is one which had quite an impact on me.
True form Midna (final game scene).


True form Midna figure.
When I saw the announcement of this true form Midna figure, I 
didn't have to think twice to pre-order it. The amount of these company's figures is strictly limited (and individually numbered), based on the amount of pre-orders. So all their products become collector items as soon as the production has ended. Because figures are announced way before the definitive design and approval of licensing by the brand owner company (in this case Nintendo), and the fact all figures are hand crafted, it takes quite a while to have an entire production ready.

Last Monday, almost 2,5 years after I placed my order, the excitement was there! Midna finally arrived!
And the result is gorgeous. Love her in all aspects. The figure's nice size of 17 inch, amazing detailing and coloring, and the possibility to light her hair (option with the Exclusive edition, which I bought), really made her come to life. A truly amazing piece for any geek's game and merchandising collection.