maandag 2 januari 2012

Schallwelle nominations

First of all I am wishing everyone all the best - in good health - for 2012!

I am nominated for the annual Schallwelle Preisverleihung in the following categories:

- "Best international artist" (Remy)
- "Best international album" (Remy - i-Dentity)
- "Best international album" (Remy - The Great Church Trilogy)

Voting has already started and ends on January 31st 2012, so if you want to support me, and/or you think my music belongs to the 'best' in these categories, I hope you want to spend 1-2 minutes of your precious time to vote for me on

NB: it's required to submit at least one (and max. three) vote(s) per category. So also for two categories for which I am not nominated ("Best national (German) artist" and "Best national album").
Your votes are valid when you have submitted your name + e-mail.

My thanks are infinite!

And if you haven't heard my music / the nominated albums yet, you can listen to excerpts on my website: