vrijdag 15 februari 2019

Ars Phantasia - La Papillone

Before announcing some exciting news before the end of the month, here already is something nice to take off upcoming activities around my music and the Deserted Island Music label within the coming months.

I am proud to do part of the distribution of the beatiful, romantic and cinematic "La Papillone". The debut by Ars Phantasia.

This fairytale for piano contains elements and atmosphere which reminds of the music of Yann Tiersen, Erik Satie and Ludovico Einaudi.
Besides the fact I love the album's content, the connection with electronic music is that the composer - who prefers to remain in the background - is musically influenced for a large part by the music of Jean Michel Jarre.
When digging into the artistic collaborations and sound engineering credits, this link is more than clear, involving some familiar names from the Jarre-team from the past.

Visit www.arsphantasia.com for all details and soundclips.

The music performed by Hitomi Nishioka on grand piano, as well as the wonderful conceptual artwork created by Lisk Feng makes this album a treat to have in your collection.

Highly recommended!

Ars Phantasia's "La Papillone" is now available for ordering from www.desertedislandmusic.com.