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2020 / 2021

An end has come to this strange year 2020.
Like every year, I would like to look back at this year's musical activities.
Because of current situation, I have so many plans for next year, but because it's uncertain yet when old-fashioned concerts and festivals are going to be take place again, there are no concrete events planned. As always I am involved in a couple musical projects, and I hope to extend my Deserted Island Music label with more new and interesting releases. This year there have been four new albums on my small label (which are mentioned below), and hopefully our catalog will grow within next years.

But before the highlights, before I forget: I am wishing everyone a great, musical and prosperous 2021.
And that we are able to meet soon again in real life!

Deserted Island Music
Four new releases from different artists have been released on my Deserted Island Music label this year.

It might not sound that much, but until last year I mainly used to release music projects which were very close to myself only. Now, I have made a start to extend the catalog with other artist than REMY.
From the first release of this year, the cd's from now on come into gatefold digisleeves, instead of basic cardboard sleeves.

Now, I am aiming for a more consistent exposure of my label, so if you have any suggestions for great electronic music which definitely needs to be released, or if you think your own music fits within our catalog, don't hesitate to contact me!

For more details, see the links below or visit

Here's a short overview of this 2020's releases:

Mäläskä - First Day of Spring (DIM-009)
Born out of improvisations Petter Janse and I did in december 2019 in Jannum, Friesland.
The ambience and atmospheric laidback soundscapes are something completely different than our 2016 debut album "Uncle Jim's Cidney Factory".
Featuring Bas Broekhuis on percussion on one of the tracks.

Read more about the album on my blog:

REMY - The Other Side (DIM-010)
A conceptual album in the make for two years, and my first REMY album since 2016's "Fears".
Containing collaborations with Bas Broekhuis (drums), Judith Wessluis (vocals), Joost Verhagen (vocals) and Nausikaä de Blaauw (photography).

Read more:

Däcker - Pareidolia (DIM-011)
I produced an 2018 improvisation session by Peter Dekker. There are a lot of similarities in our musical styles and visions, so when I suggested to enhance Peter's 2-track recording, he immediately agreed. The result is "Pareidolia", which will appeal a lot of traditional electronic music lovers.

It seems that I haven't written a blog item about this album, but you can listen to album excerpts here:

On December 19th Peter and I did a live stream concert at BYSS. Below you can read about this.

Space Art - Entrevues (DIM-012)
In first instance my label did distribution and sales for the limited edition LP of Space Art's new album "Entrevues", which was released in March. However, earlier this month, the CD and digital download, have been released on Deserted Island Music. I am really proud to have this legendary band contracted!

On my blog I wrote about the limited edition LP release:

All versions contain slightly different tracklisting, and while the LP has been mastered by Patrick Pelamourgues, the CD and download have been mastered by Michel Geiss.

Schallwelle Preis
It's the time of the year again to vote for the Schallwelle Awards. Everyone can now vote for his or her favourite electronic music artists and albums of 2020.
All Deserted Island Music releases as well as individual artists can be found in the list:
Best Artist:
Space Art
Best Album:
Däcker - Pareidolia
Mäläskä - First Day of Spring
REMY - The Other Side
Space Art - Entrevues
Visit for all details, the complete lists, and to vote.
REMY & Däcker live at BYSS

December 19th, Peter Dekker and I did a concert at the BYSS studio of Bas Broekhuis.

In first instance this concert was streamed live via Facebook. For all who missed it, the concert has been archived for watching on the same URL as the live stream:

Because not everyone has a Facebook account, the slightly enhanced version of the concert has been uploaded to YouTube:
Adjustments are described in the video credits.

Then, last 30 minutes of our concert was also broadcast live on Wim Dekker's radio show Haarlem Underground at Radio Haarlem 105:

Last but not least, the entire concert is going to be broadcast on Jos Verboven's radio show Electronic Fusion on January 2nd.
The two hours REMY & Däcker special is going to be co-hosted by Peter and me.
Broadcasting schedule:

Saturday 02-01-2021 at 6 pm CET/CEST on Modul303 from Germany:
Sunday 03-01-2021 at 9 am PST/PDT on Krypton Radio from the USA:
Sunday 03-01-2021 at 3 pm CET/CEST on Radio Dark Tunnel from Germany:
Monday 04-01-2021 at 1 pm VET on Electronic Music Radio from Chile & Venezuela:
Afterwards, the show will be archived on Mixcloud:

My report of this adventure can be read on previous blog post: 

That's it for now!
I am very curious about what 2021 has to offer. For now, stay safe!

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