zondag 20 oktober 2013

E-Live 2013

Although yesterday ended with a bitter aftertaste, we could look back on a very successful E-Live Festival.

Saturday October 19th was the day that I got the opportunity to expose the collaborational project I started more than a year ago, with members of the My Breath My Music foundation, at this annual electronic music event.

With only one track for each of the students as base (featured on our recent “Sessions 2012” release, as the result of the session we did back in August 2012). I had to compose new tracks for a full performance (of 45 minutes). Containing one new solo track, as well as another track with one of the Magic Flute players.

During the day we did three performances. One of the students representing one set. Due to health issues Korneel Oskam couldn’t join us unfortunately. So Glenn Nugteren, Christian Gouweleeuw and Karin van Dijk got the opportunity to show their skills.

Set 1: With Glenn Nugteren.
13:15 I started the first set, with Glenn Nugteren. Due to some technical issues we started a bit stressful (but in time), but I think this didn't reflect into the music at all. In fact everything worked out excellent. Glenn seemed to be completely relaxed and from the beginning his chill Magic Flute sounds were absorbed perfectly into the pads of the opening track. Indeed I will still have to listen to the recordings, but at the moment of the performance, the flow of the complete set felt really natural. Starting this first set with a full upper room, and also ending it with all seats filled, gave a lot of energy.

Set 2: With Christian Gouweleeuw.
Then, three hours of waiting before the next gig could take place. Due to the late ending of the concert on the main stage, we started about 20 minutes later. Christian Gouweleeuw made his appearance. He also didn’t seem to cope with nerves or so, which also resulted into a very smooth performance during the second set. Unfortunately not all seats were taken, but (as known) 17-18:00 isn’t the most comfortable time for a performance, because of dinner-time. So be it!
The beginning of the final track, the volume of the choir produced with the Magic Flute started a bit too loud, but very soon I already forgot this happened. Looking forward also hearing back the recordings of this set.

Soundcheck for set 3: with Gert Emmens, Karin van Dijk and
Ruud van der Wel.
20:15 Should have been the start of our third set, but also here we started about 10 minutes later because of the ending of the preliminary concert on the main stage. We kicked off with a new track which I wrote together with Gert Emmens. To start with Gert on keys. As soon as Karin van Dijk joined on Magic Flute, Gert took place behind his drum kit. After only one rehearsing session, one week ago, I was very satisfied with yesterday’s output (in fact this goes for all three sessions).
The 20-minute opening track was followed by an energetic sequencing solo track, joined by Gert on drums.

Once this track was finished, the situation occured that one of the E-Live crew members asked me - while I was playing - about the remaining length of my set. Which was not a very proper way to handle in my opinion. While this question could have better be asked to my sound engineer, it already got me out of my concentration.
Secondly the organisation was known with the length of my sets (max. 45 minutes per concert), and should have known better.

Then... 90% of the present audience (and it definitely was a full room) left all of a sudden,, like a herd, after the second track was finished. Still one to go... The audience noticed what just happened, and apparently found it more important to be the first to enter the main hall and get their front row seats. Leaving 5 minutes before the hall doors actually opened. So we could have easily finished our remaining 15 minutes without any of this have happened, as in the end there where at least 5 minutes left before the headlining concert was actually about to start.

Afterwards, festival organiser Ron Boots told me that - due to this situation – he decided to open the doors of the main hall 10 minutes later. Only problem was that the spectators of our concert weren’t aware of this, which yet resulted into the sudden departure of most of the audience.

Thanks to the driven Karin, I decided not to abrubtly end the gig, but to complete the remaining part. Which felt like an eternity to accomplish... So actually I don’t have any idea what it sounded like, as from the moment of disturbance on I had not a single clue what I was doing but pressing some white and black keys...

After the regular programme I’ve had a good talk with Ron Boots to empty my thoughts and get things clear. Although we didn’t agree on all points, it was all o.k. in the end.
Nevertheless I still have a bitter aftertaste, but my anger has already cooled down on this day after. 

Just for your information: with my plea above, I will not make any offends or start another discussion, but I felt the need to tell the situation the way I experienced it yesterday. Mainly because we didn’t come to E-Live ‘just’ to play some music, but to share a part of our lifes and emotions with the audience. It sounds sentimental, but it is just the way I experience it. notwithstanding it concerned an upper room concert, and not the main stage. You should know that this was my fourth appearance at the E-festivals (and I hope this definitely wasn’t the last one), which I see as an absolute privilege. But despite the upper room is mainly used for 'newcomers' or 'less known' artists, I expected a slightly more careful treatment. Again, things have been spoken out, so for now, for me, the discussion is closed.
In the end it’s always easy to let negative issues overrule the positive things. When resuming the whole day, we could only agree that all of us had a great experience, which was received very well by a lot of people.

Musicians and crew.
Big thank yous go to the organisation of the festival. Thanks to Ron Boots (who gave us the opportunity to expose this project to a larger audience, which is definitely highly appreciated very much), All present audience and people who supported My Breath My Music by buying the “Sessions 2012” cd. Thanks a lot for your interest and for all your positive and motivating reactions.

And despite the fucked up ending, I especially want to thank all of you who did not leave the room 10 minutes before the end, and had the respect and patience to stay with us until the very end of the show. You didn't give a fuck to just take the seat behind the one you could have seated when having joined the rest of the herd to witness the concert of ARC. Thanks to you we were able to finish our set (although it felt like one of the longest 10 minutes in my life...). This meant a lot to us! So much appreciated!

And last but not least: this project couldn’t have taken place without the help, support, assistance and cooperation of Ruud van der Wel (My Breath My Music, sounds and musical assistance), Wouter Bessels (sound, mixing, technical assistance) and Paulien Bouw (sales and assistance). And most important, the musicians: Glenn Nugteren, Christian Gouweleeuw, Karin van Dijk and Gert Emmens!

Enough for now! The coming days I will concentrate on one of my other passions: computer gaming! And then... reloading for some very interesting other projects to get involved into. First of all preparing my solo concert at Theater De Wegwijzer.
And getting busy with another event I am going to organise myself at a very special location. More information soon...

Above featured additional photos were taken by Paulien Bouw, Karin van Dijk and Erwin Wolters.

zaterdag 12 oktober 2013

E-Live 2013 rehearsal

Set 1: Glenn Nugteren.
Today I rehearsed with Glenn, Christian and Karin from My Breath My Music, and Gert Emmens, for next Saturday's performances at the E-Live Festival in Oirschot. Besides tracks from the recent "Sessions 2012" cd we also did some brand new tracks. Ruud van der Wel (founder of My Breath My Music) selected some great sounds to play with the Magic Flute, and Gert played keys and drums during the third set.

Set 2: Christian Gouweleeuw
and Ruud van der Wel.
 Except for some fine-tuning within the coming days, we are ready to share this project with you. Really looking forward to this.

Don't wait too long getting your ticket, because the ticket sales already exceeded the 250 tickets. Which means the E-Live Festival has almost been sold out! See www.e-live.nl for all information and tickets.

Set 3: With Karin van Dijk
and Gert Emmens.

For those of you who have missed it: here again is the complete festival's time schedule:
12:00 Doors open
13:00 Box office open
13:15 - 14:00 REMY & My Breath My Music - session 1, featuring Glenn Nugteren
14:20 - 15:15 Concert by Beyond Berlin.
15.45 - 17:15 Concert VoLt & Friends:
17:15 - 18:00 REMY & My Breath My Music - session 2, featuring Christian Gouweleeuw
19:15 - 20:15 Concert by The Otherside of FD Project
20:15-21:00 REMY & My Breath My Music - session 3, featuring Karin van Dijk and Gert Emmens
21:15 - 22:45 Concert ARC

The cd-release of this last year's session with My Breath My Music (as well as my 'regular' releases) can be bought at the Deserted Island Music stall.
Benefits from the sales of our "Sessions 2012" release are fully going to the "My Breath My Music" foundation.
More information about the project: http://exhibitionofdreams.com/remy-mbmm.html