woensdag 22 juni 2016

Mäläskä album release and concerts

Exactly one week to go to the album release party of Mäläskä's "Uncle Jim's Cidney Factory", at the Pletterij in Haarlem.
For all of you who consider to visit one or more of our upcoming concerts (see all details below), I can assure you the content of all of the gigs will be completely different.
Although the stage appearances are linked with the presentation of our debut album, we are not going to reproduce any of the material. Everything is 100% improvisation.

So the output will be unpredictable for the audience as well as for Petter and me. We are definitely very excited and looking forward to each of the gigs a lot!

The most exciting of our concept is that everything could evolve into something beautiful, but in the worst case scenario, it also might lead to something terrible. So to speak.
Anyhow, we hope to welcome you during one or more of our upcoming concerts and it would be great to have you involved into the things we create on stage!


29-06-2016 - Mäläskä - "Uncle Jim's Cidney Factory" - Album presentation @ Pletterij, Haarlem

Debat- en Cultuurcentrum Pletterij definitely is one of the nicest and most intimate locations in Haarlem to performI already performed here before as part of the Impro Sessions and we did a try-out with Free Arts Lab.
Reserve your ticket and buy our cd in advance via remy@desertedislandmusic.nl and receive €2,50 discount.
Details: www.pletterij.nl

01-07-2016 - Mäläskä @ De Hommel, Vlaardingen 
Music Café De Hommel offers their stage for a wide variety of musical acts. The owner was very excited to have us when he heard our music. Entrance is free, so we are looking forward to share our music with everyone who is curious to attend our gig.
Website: www.cafedehommel.nl

02-07-2016 - Mäläskä feat. Thomas Betzler @ Schwingungen Garten Party, Hamm (GER)
Six years ago I already performed at one of the nicest EM events around, which is being held in the back garden of EM lover Winnie. After the final act, I will first premier a track of my upcoming new solo album "Fears", which is going to be released in October. Hereafter Petter Janse and Thomas Betzler join for a Mäläskä late night improvised 'space' session. With seven acts throughout the day, there is a full programme and I have been told that there is no concrete ending time, so also here it should be an event full of surprises.
Details: https://www.facebook.com/events/1758129834400015/
For tickets, mail to: party@electronic-circus.net