donderdag 21 april 2011

Electronic Music for Life

I'd like to get everyone's attention for "Electronic Music FOR LIFE".
I am very honoured that my exclusively for this project recorded track, "Fukushima" also appears on the album.
Find below the official information:

On March 11th, 2011, Japan had to experience the most powerful earthquake of its history. Pictures of the following Tsunami were seen around the world. This natural catastrophe caused extensive and long lasting consequences. In one word: Fukushima. Ten thousands of people died, hundred thousands are homeless. Families, children and old people are fighting for their livelihood.
The world is shocked and takes share in the fate of the concerned. The quiet and proud japanese people welcome this solace.
But even a country like Japan cannot manage the enormous challenges alone. Therefore, the consoling words have to be followed by action!

Based on this thought, Mellowjet-Records started the project "Electronic Music FOR LIFE" shortly after the catastrophe. The idea was to release a compilation and to donate the complete revenue to a charitable organisation. The response and readiness of the addressed artists to support this project was overwhelming. So, INTERDISC agreed to sponsor the first release of a double-cd-production.
Even more artists joint the project. The Eroc Mastering Ranch offered a free audio mastering. Company Rebeat offered the free digital marketing and added a special sponsoring package.
A survey among the participating artists confirmed, that the revenue should be donated to the Deutsches Rotes Kreuz (DRK). Due to this remarkable development the DRK was convinced to support this project by allocating their logo.

Within a few weeks only, Mellowjet-Records was able to compile and produce an excellent, 150 minutes long double-cd which involves all faces of contemporary electronic music. Most of the 27 songs from 27 different bands and musicians have been composed exclusively for this project. Only to mention some: Robert Schroeder, Eroc, Bernd Kistenmacher, Rolf Maier Bode, Harald Grosskopf, Mythos, Matthias Beine, Wellenfeld, Dithmar, moonbooter, Uwe Reckzeh, Spyra and many, many more. Besides dreamy sequences of Berlin School, powerful chorals, piano-ballades, orchestral works and danceable electronic music this double-cd offers as well experimental pieces, synthiepop, spacerock, chillout and ambient music. Thus, this album should be part of every collection!

All artists as well as the label waive their share of profits. The whole revenue from sales of the double- cd and downloads will be donated to a project of the Deutsches Rotes Kreuz and will support the people in Japan directly.

The sales price are convenient EURO 13.99 for the double-cd or download. If you want to donate more, please remit the additional amount to the account of the DRK-project.

Please support the victims in Japan by buying this album. Even if the world tends to forget quickly: the misery will remain in the everyday life of the people in Japan for a very long time.

Thank you very much!

Bernd "moonbooter" Scholl

CEO, MellowJet-Records

Ordering information, complete tracklisting, soundclips, and everything else you might need to know about this project can be found here:

Watch the official trailer here:

It is also possible to order your copy via me (by sending an e-mail to The price will be the same (EURO 13.99, excluding shipping), as 100% of this amount will be donated to DRK! I will not earn a single cent on it! Additional donations will be paid to the DRK!

Thanks a lot for your support!

maandag 18 april 2011

E-Day 2011 report

Saturday I performed at the E-Day Festival in Oirshot. I've had a great time on stage and during the festival! The concert was partially around my new "i-Dentity" album, which was also presented this day, and contained some "old" and completely new music as well.
Gert Emmens and Erik Wøllo joined me on stage and delivered excellent contributions on the title track.

1. Destination: Berlin - part 1
2. Vulnerable (new track)
3. Destination: Berlin - part 3
4. i-Dentity (feat. Gert Emmens and Erik Wøllo)
5. Lunascape

Preliminary to Erik Wøllo´s concert, all present artists that participated on the Dutch Masters compilation cd, which was released recently by Groove Unlimited, appeared on stage as part of the promotion of the album.
Everyone, including me, told about their submitted track.

Resumed, I've experienced an excellent day, with a lot of nice chats (which was the main reason that I only attended Erik Wøllo's very nice atmospheric concert, and had to skip the gig of Harald Grosskopf - which I díd see perform half a year ago in Berlin), friendly people, fine music, and not to forget delicious shoarma at the end of the day (actually it was already the next day:-)).
And I would thank my wife Paulien and AKH Records label partner Ewout for their help and support during the day!

Above featured photos taken by Chris van den Hout.

woensdag 13 april 2011

i-Dentity updates, MusicZeit pre-release and "REMY Catalogue"

Still a couple of days to go for the official release of my new album "i-Dentity", as well as my performance at the E-Day Festival in Oirschot, on April 16th.
Today I've got confirmed the cd production has been shipped yesterday, so everything should be in time for Saturday!
The album can be ordered from and
Availability as well as a list of distributors and sellers can be found soon on these sites.

I have been working on both websites, but due to some other priorities and a project that sneaked in between (on which you will get to hear more information within a couple of days), it takes some longer before they will be online!

Pre-release + exclusive track @ Music Zeit
From tonight 0:00 Remy's new album, "i-Dentity" will already be available from MusicZeit download platform.
The album can be downloaded as losless FLAC, as well as 320 kbps MP3. High quality artwork is also included with the download.
The download also includes an exclusive 17+ minute track, which is only available from Music Zeit.

The last two weeks there have already been aired some excerpts from "i-Dentity" on various local radio stations and online streams.
Expect more the coming time, as I will send out the promotional copies next week!
I will keep you posted as much as possible via this blog, my website, and social media!

Recently Radio Equinoxe had an interview with Francis Rimbert - who participates on my new album - in which he also told about his participation on "i-Dentity".

REMY Catalogue
AKH Records will be releasing two limited cd-boxsets with a couple of my releases for a very friendly price.
Set 1 contains 5 of my regular albums, and set 2 contains the same albums and 4 out of print bonus discs (cd-r's) that have been available for a limited time only.
The release date has been set to April 20th, and if you order your copy from before April 16th or during E-Day at latest, you don't pay shipping costs.

Note the regular releases are exactly the same as the ones that have already been released on AKH Records, with the exception that the discs come in customized cardboard sleeves. Set 2 is individually numbered.

SET 1: REMY - Catalogue (akh 04111-2) - 5 cd-set - price: 40 euros
DisConnected (2003)
Connected (2003)
Different Shades of Dust (2004)
Sense (2006)
This Is Not The End (2008)

SET 2: REMY - Catalogue (akh 04111-9) - 9 cd-set - numbered - price: 70 euros
DisConnected (2003)

Connected (2003)
DisConnected sessions - bonus disc (2003)
Different Shades of Dust (2004)
A-Live! - bonus disc (2004)
Sense (2006)
Sense - bonus disc (2006)
This Is Not The End (2008)
This Is Not The End - bonus disc (2008)

zaterdag 9 april 2011

"i-Dentity" updates

As the audio master and the artwork have been sent to the pressing plant last week, there's nothing I can change anymore at this stage!
I have already got confirmed that the album will be delivered in time for E-Day.
The time until my performance at the E-Day Festival I will use to prepare my concert and do a lot of promotion and other stuff "behind the screens".

Here are the complete track details from the album:
1. Destination: Berlin - part 1 - 11'23
2. Destination: Berlin - part 2 (feat. Bill Fox) - 20'39
3. Destination: Berlin - part 3 - 19'08
4. i-Dentity (feat. Gert Emmens,, Erik Wøllo and Francis Rimbert) - 24'15

Exclusive pre-release with bonus track
April 16th will be the official release date of "i-Dentity". However, it will be possible to obtain the digital version of it 2 days before the official release date!
On April 14th you can already buy the complete album as losless FLAC or 320 kbps MP3 from
This download includes high-resolution artwork and an exclusive bonus track.

The physical release can be ordered directly from me by sending an e-mail to remy at exhibitionofdreams dot com. The price is only 10 euros, excluding shipping!
Sales points and download sites will be announced soon on my new website

Remy live @ E-Day Festival, Oirschot, April 16th 2011
During my concert at the annual E-Day Festival a couple of friends will accompany me onstage:
Gert Emmens and Erik Wøllo participate on the track they also collaborated on my album.
Details can be found on