zondag 3 juni 2012

Another studio session with Synth.nl

Yesterday I did another very productive and satisfying studio session together with Synth.nl / Michel van Osenbruggen in his Apollo studio.
This time we started listening to all the material which should appear on our forthcoming collaboration album, while making critical notes for changes and adjustments for each of the tracks.
It's nice to find out that we agreed on most of these notes.

One of the tracks seemed not to fit into the whole concept, but we radically changed this one which resulted into a completely different track, which does fit into the project now!
For a large part we have in mind what to do with most of the tracks to get them sound like the way we want.
And we are still struggling with another track. This one still needs a lot of work, but Michel told me everything's gonna be all right, so I will rely on that!:-)
Another session should follow later this month, but for now we devided the tracks to work on seperately in the meanwhile.

At this right moment we have 10 tracks with a total length of 79 minutes to fill the album.
I assume the length will be slightly shortened during the editing process.
All in all the progress of the project is going very well, and although there is still a lot of work to do, we are still on schedule for the release of the album befire the end of the year.
I will keep you posted!