maandag 29 augustus 2016

My Breath My Music benefit concert

Today, it is exactly two months to go to the release of "Fears". So expect more details and teasers within the coming weeks!

In the meanwhile I am also recording a new piece of music for the upcoming My Breath My Music benefit concert. The piece is going to be performed together with Christian Gouweleeuw, Glenn Nugteren and Korneel Oskam. Three members of the foundation, with whom I also recorded music for our "Sessions 2012" album. Karin van Dijk recently underwent a major surgery, so at this moment it is not certain if she is able to make it to the event.
Besides the approximately 15 minutes of new music, I will also participate in the overture of the event.
The benefit will take place at Cultuurpodium De Boerderij in Zoetermeer, on Sunday, October 9th. On my birthday:-)
Here is the press information (in Dutch):

“My Breath My Music In Concert” is een benefietconcert vóór en dóór jonge mensen met een ernstige lichamelijke beperking. De gelijknamige stichting “My Breath My Music” ontwikkelt elektronische muziekinstrumenten waarmee kinderen en jong volwassenen met een handicap zelf muziek kunnen maken. Tijdens dit benefietconcert treden een aantal jonge musici met een fysieke beperking op. Zij worden bijgestaan door een keur van Nederlandse artiesten, waaronder ambassadeur Candy Dulfer. 

Eén van de elektronische instrumenten die tijdens deze middag bespeeld wordt is de Magic Flute, een prachtig en makkelijk te bespelen blaasinstrument. De meeste jonge muzikanten die meespelen hebben een progressieve spierziekte. Het bijzondere van de Magic Flute is dat je dit instrument zonder handen kunt bespelen. Met medewerking van: Candy Dulfer + Secret Guests, Remy Stroomer, Bigband Enterprise, De Bridge band, DJ Storm, Stan Stolk, Jan van Bijnen, Tanja van Schuylenburg, Karin, Florine, Anne, Elda, Marleen, Deva, Karin, Ivo, Joris, Ruud, Quezaida, Christian, Dewi, Michel, Robin, Glenn en Korneel. De opbrengst van dit bijzondere concert gaat in zijn geheel naar de stichting My Breath My Music.

vrijdag 26 augustus 2016

Remastered REMY albums update + free download

Today another two remastered REMY albums have been released, and are available from the webshop: 

"This Is Not The End" and "This Is Not The End bonus".

Both titles have been released on cd in 2008.
These were my first albums mastered by Wouter Bessels. Who since then took care of the masters for my releases, as well as the current remaster series.

It is nice to rediscover my own music during this remaster process. In most of the cases I don't listen to my music for months, or sometimes even years, as soon as it has been released.
In most of the cases I am already involved into new projects at the time of a publication. And why should I listen back and analyze over and over when it's already accomplished?
Anyhow, I was really delighted to hear my own music again after all this time. And especially with the fresh remastered sound, I got a lot of inspiration to create more new music in this vein.

For a limited time only the MP3's (including artwork) of "This Is Not The End bonus" can be downloaded for free.
Just visit, add this title to your shopping cart and checkout. Within a couple of minutes you should get the download link into your mailbox.

The last remastered album ("Exhibition of Dreams revisited") will be available on September 16th. Then, October 7th, it's time for the fourth episode of the "Archives" series, and last, but not least, my new solo album "Fears" is scheduled for October 29th.

As you could have read in my recent blog posts, I am currently involved into the final mixing stages of my first solo album since 5 years. Did I already mention I am extremely excited to share this with you?

Recent and upcoming solo releases overview:
May 13: "Exhibition of Dreams" / "Exhibition of Dreams" (bonus)
June 3: "The Art of Imagination"
June 24: "DisConnected" / "Connected" / "DisConnected Sessions" (bonus)
July 15: "Different Shades of Dust" / "A-Live" (bonus)
August 5: "Sense" / "Sense" (bonus)
August 26: "This Is Not The End" / "This Is Not The End" (bonus)
September 16: "EoD"
October 7: "Archives 4"
October 29: "Fears"

maandag 15 augustus 2016

Violin recording

Yesterday I did another recording session for my upcoming studio album, "Fears".
Largest part of the compositions have been established by using synthesizers and samples. Besides, I have also recorded some parts on guitar.

Two of the tracks needed to be upgraded in some way. So I recently recorded a grand piano for one of the pieces, to let it sound more organic and natural. And I had in mind to record violin for the other one. My sister Irene took care of this. Yesterday, we recorded several parts, which will be layered in the end.
I decided to include real violin to add a more organic and dramatic feel to the specific track.

Coming weeks I am going to use for the mixing and completion of this track. The remaining titles will be fine-tuned too.

With at least one month to fix this, everything should be ready in time for the release of "Fears" on October 29th.

I can't hardly wait to share the new REMY album with you very soon! Finally, after five years.

maandag 1 augustus 2016

Grand piano recording

Recording the Yamaha S6.
Photo by Kees Wesselius.
Yesterday I recorded a grand piano for one of the pieces of my upcoming album "Fears".

The current version of the track already contained a sampled piano sound, which sounded fine. But I felt there had to be used a real piano sound for that little extra. For this, I got the opportunity to record a friend's wonderful Yamaha S6.
Coming days I am going to select and mix the recordings.

And then I also have to work on one other track of the album. A track with an orchestral focus, for which it would be great if there could also be featured real strings. To be continued.

There still is some work to do, but it's a good thing that the completion of the new album is really getting near.