woensdag 10 juli 2013

E-Live performance with My Breath My Music & guest appearance

If you follow me on Facebook or Twitter, you might probably know that I will be performing live together with members of the My Breath My Music foundation, at the E-Live Festival on October 19th.
The three performance throughout the day are focussed on our recent "Sessions 2012" release. Besides this there is also room for some brand new solo material, as well as full improvisation.

Today, Gert Emmens said 'yes' to my request to perform together with us. I am very happy he is going to join us on stage, because without him the collaboration with My Breath My Music wouldn't have evolved into this current shape.

Early 2012, when I was approached by Ruud van der Wel for a collaboration with his My Breath My Music foundation, I got to hear that he contacted Gert Emmens in the first place. Because Gert couldn't participate this project at that moment, he directed Ruud to me. The rest is history.

Gert already joined me on stage during my E-Day concert in 2011, and exposed his skills on the title track of my album "i-Dentity". Quite a while ago we both agreed to do a collaboration in near future, but until now it seemed to be a bit of a problem to adjust both our agendas...

At this moment I am working on the music for the live sets for E-Live, so details about the content should become clear soon.

E-Live information and ticket sales: www.e-live.nl