maandag 28 december 2015

Archives 2

The second release of my archives recordings is available. Due to all activities around the Free Arts Lab EP (which wasn't released at the scheduled moment in the end, very unfortunate), this compilation took some longer than expected to see the light.

Here are the details:
Since the early 90s, Remy registered an uncountable amount of compositions, improvisations, try-outs, sketches, studies and performances.
Remy always felt the need to release a lot of this material, but with such a huge variety of recordings, it was never possible to release everthing.
During the selection process for the released REMY-albums, a lot of music was rejected. Simply because these tracks didn't fit into the concept or feeling of the specific release.
A large amount of unfinished tracks, sketches, etc. will definitely never be released. And there also is enough stuff that is absolutely not good enough by means of technique and recording.
But through “Archives” there is this possibility to publish and share a lot of these recordings. Recordings that otherwise would never have seen the light.
Besides the fact that “Archives” offers music that could never be heard before, it gives the perfect insight into Remy's musical and artistic world, as well as it might also help to understand the direction Remy's music evolved into.
“Archives 2” contains material from 2000 until 2002.

1. In=Trance (studio, 8-3-2000)
2. Devotion (improvisation, 28-5-2001)
3. Unreachable Beauty (improvisation, 2002)
4. Mirage - part 2 (studio, 30-8-2000)

Here you can hear excerpts from each song:

"Archives 2" consists of mastered archives recordings and is available as 320 kbps MP3 and 16 bit / 44,1 kHz FLAC. The accompanied artwork contains the necessary background information on each of the tracks, as well as some photos from the period of the specific music pieces.

The digital download only release "Archives 2" is exclusively available from

zondag 6 december 2015

Free Arts Lab EP update

After Jeroen, Petter and I made a lot of recordings during our improvisation sessions in Ouddorp, back in March, we decided to select some of this material to work on a conceptual Free Arts Lab EP: "Futuristic Ode At The Old Village To Miss Fernande".
The last couple of months we worked intensively to establish a representive release.

Our point of view for the EP was to make a selection of fully improvised parts we created during the Ouddorp sessions in the first place, and add and edit parts where required and where possible afterwards. In the end we wanted to create a good balance of improvised and studio elements.

However, the last couple of weeks, but especially recent days, we had a lot of discussion about the quality of our production. Judging various aspects of the material's current shape.
Although we fully support the concept and material, we simply think it's not good enough to release in its current form.
As a result of this, after many considerations, we decided that the cd will not be released.

With the absence of the EP, our planned release party at the Patronaat Café in Haarlem, December 20th is also being cancelled.

It's a real pity, when looking at the many, many hours and efforts we put into sculpting this project, but it is how it is.
So coming time we will just continue our activities and work on the future plans of Free Arts Lab, and where an eventual release should fit.