donderdag 28 april 2022

In memoriam: Klaus Schulze

Musical hero, inspirator and artist who had the biggest impact on my music in every thinkable way, has passed away on Tuesday at the age of 74.

Klaus Schulze in 2022.
Without any doubt Klaus Schulze and his music have been most noticeable influences for my music throughout the years. Although I have always had a fascination for the electronic music genre since I was 8 or 9 years, Klaus Schulze (whose music I actually discovered 5 or 6 years later) in my eyes has always been an exceptional phenomenon who was capable of letting electronic music sound more human and organic than any other synthesist I have ever known could have managed. Whether it was solo, under his pseudonym Richard Wahnfriend, with Ash Ra Tempel, or as collaboration with artists like Manuel Göttsching, Harold Grosskopf, Wolfgang Tiepold, Arthur Brown, Michael Shrieve, Rainer Bloss, Pete Namlook, Jörg Schaaf, Roelof Oostwoud or Lisa Gerrard, to name a few.

Dreams (1986).
"Dreams" and "Miditerrenean Pads" were the first Klaus Schulze albums I got to listen to. While the latter sounded like something I had never heard before at that time, "Dreams" appeared to be an extremely close identification of how I experience my dreams and how I approach my own music. Although with a wink, the album's original working title "Klaustrophony" suggests even more how close this album must also have been to Schulze himself. The record company rejected this title because of commercial reasons, but the album's infamous closing track still retained this title. So from that very first moment I have felt a clear connection with most of Klaus' musical output.

Amongst the so many albums (more than 40 and far over 100 releases) Schulze released since the early 70s, there are a lot of instant classics including "Timewind", "Moondawn", "Mirage", "X" and "Dune". However, for me "Dreams" (specifically the original 5 tracks release on the Brain label) always topped this list. Besides what I have just mentioned, this might also be because Klaus' mid / late 80s were relatively 'less productive', and his music sounded more balanced again at this point after the chaotic early 80s output of his Poland era.

For a lot of my solo concerts, the 1997 "Dosburg Online" concert and its structure continues to be a source of inspiration. The tension and variation of this performance is absolutely brilliant from the beginning to the end.

Kontinuum (2007).
Recent years Schulze's musical output became more of a routine and eventually therepeutical rather than it contained artistic highlights. When "Kontinuum" was released in 2007 I was absolutely overwhelmed by its content. Never expected Klaus Schulze to be this intense and emotional again. This masterpiece always felt like it could have been Schulze's final album. Which wasn't the case for the 15 years that followed. 

Still, so many people associate electronic music with computers, DJ's, robots, the universe, or whatsoever. But there are so many acts involving electronics without even having any connections with any of the above. Yes, the equipment is and remains something (that can be) automated, but in the end it's the artist who should make this equipment come to life. And Klaus mastered that like no one else.

Outside the fact if you like his music or not, most of Klaus' logical sounding chord progressions and naturally evolving transitions made largest part of his music sound familiar and approachable.
The combination of detailed, stretched out and layered storylines, progressing themes, and speaking leads let his compositions come to life and breath even more. And there are still not many artists who managed to do the thing what Klaus did during his 50 years career.

Klaus Schulze live at the Loreley (2008).
In the late 60s Klaus Schulze was groundbreaking, experimenting together with artists and bands like Hans-Joachim Roedelius, Tangerine Dream, Amon Düül and Neu!, as part of the Zodiac Free Arts Lab.
What they did was different and opposite from the mainstream. After this short-lived movement, Klaus continued to pioneer and focused on his own musical journey. First with the drums, adding a Farfisa organ and VCS3, even orchestra, and involving more electronica with the years, followed by his famouns wall of synths, always the eye-cather during his live shows.

I was lucky to attend concerts in Cologne (Kickzone, 1999), Osnabrück (KlangArt Festival, 2001), Loreley (Night of the Prog, 2008) and Amsterdam (Melkweg, 2009).
And I already bought a ticket for what was announced as his last concert ever, planned for 2016 in Poland. Due to Klaus' health issues, this concert was cancelled.
Klaus Schulze's appearance on stage always was charismatic and magical. Already before striking the first note, he got the audience's sympathy with his kind and humoristic personality.
Although he had always been surrounded with a lot of keys and knobs during his concerts, it always was the man behind these keys and knobs who let the magic happen.

Together with Klaus Schulze and Ewout Koek (2001).

After the Osnabrück concert in 2001, I got to speak to my musical hero. At that time I just released my first official cd, "The Art of Imagination", which I presented to Klaus.
Despite the fact that Klaus Schulze has always been a solitary musician, who mainly focussed on his own music, he kindly accepted my album.
We had a small talk about my music, and Klaus had to smile when I told him that people mentioned me as his follower-up. Which, indeed, was way too much credit after having just released two albums back then.

A lot of wonderful memories. The train trip to Cologne. Smuggling recording equipment into the concert site of Kickzone. Getting Klaus' first autograph after the performance. Trying to get a fully booked train earlier after the concert because all nearby hotels were also fully booked and we haven't had any sleep for more than 24 hours. The bus trip to Osnabrück. Getting recognised abroad as artists for the first time, at the KlangArt Festival. Smuggling recording equipment into the venue, and finding out that there was no security check at all. The excitement when Klaus started the sequence during the second part of the show in Osnabrück. Klaus sitting on the stage to chat and sign after the concert when there were left only a handful of fans at the venue.

Deus Arrakis (2022)

One of my most memorable concert experiences without doubt was when Klaus Schulze and Dead Can Dance's Lisa Gerrard joined forces, and performed at the Freilichtbühne Loreley, St. Goarshausen, as part of the second Night of the Prog Festival in 2009. It was magical and moving, and at some points highly emotional. Part of these emotions are now coming back again.

Klaus, thank you for being part of my life. Without your music my musical world would definitely have been something completely different.

Sadly Klaus Schulze didn't make it to the release of his new album "Deus Arrakis", which will be released posthumously on June 11th.

Klaus Schulze
4-8-1947 - 26-4-2022.

donderdag 30 december 2021

In memoriam: Sylvia Sommerfeld

It has been quite a while that I wrote something on this blog. A year minus one day ago, to be exact. The main reasons might be that last two years have been quite a ride due to my last year's burnout, changing job direction after 17 years, and the way back to myself since then. The things I wanted to share with you were for the largest part related to my musical activities, and have mainly been told via social media and, as well as my label's mailinglist.

On top, the entire covid-shizzle took over a large part of all of our lifes, which gave quite a turn to our normal habits. So strange times, to say at least.
And although things are going finally better with me since last two years, the reason for this blog is not a happy one, unfortunately.

Sylvia Sommerfeld, founder of Schallwende and initiator of the acclaimed annual Schallwelle Award as well as many German electronic music events since the late 90s, passed away on December 29th.

It was in 2000 at the first E-Live Festival in Veldhoven, with the release of my first official album, "The Art of Imagination", when Ron Boots introduced me to 'the most important woman of the EM-scene', Sylvia Sommerfeld. At that time, Winfried Trenkler hosted the annual Schwingungen Wahlen (which he did until 2002), where listeners of his WDR radio show could vote for the best artist, album releases and songs from the electronic music scene. At the 2001 ceremony I received my first price in the category 'Best Newcomer'. From 2009 these awards were continued by Sylvia's Schallwende e.V.. Trenkler then received a lucrative price at this first Schallwelle Award ceremony.
The various nominations I got throughout the years, have been very valuable recognitions for my musical career, as well as it stimulated many of my electronic music colleagues to continue creating, developing and sharing their electronic music.

Most of the years, these award ceremonies took place at the wonderful location of the Zeiss Planetarium in Bochum. A couple of times a year, Schallwende also organized concerts at this same place. Including the sold out duo concert I did together with Bernd Scholl (aka Moonbooter) on September 15th, 2012.

At the Grill Fest 2008: Remy, Sylvia, René and Klaus-Ulrich.
Then there were also being organized concerts at the Gasometer (Oberhausen), Live EM Brunches (Düsseldorf), and indeed the annual Grill Fest, which traditionally took place somewhere around the forelast weekend of August at a one of the 'Grill Platzes' at the Grugapark in Essen.
Besides my solo performance during the Grill Fest on August 16th, 2008, the final sessions of the day together with Ron Boots, Harald van der Heijden, Henri Peeters and René van der Wouden changed my vision on playing music together, and lead to more collaborations in the years that followed.

Sylvia also hosted Traumklang Radio, published the Schalldruck magazine for all members of the Schallwende e.V., and once a year musicians got the opportunity to submit an exclusive electronic music track to eventually appear on the Schallplatte CD sampler. The 2008 ("Schallplatte X - Elektronische Musik trifft Klassik") and 2013 ("Schallplatte XV - Klänge einer 'Groß'Stadt") editions also include one of my tracks, exclusively recorded for the album's specific subject. These CD's were available for all Schalldruck members.
Due to the lack of physical events during the covid period, my most recent contact with Sylvia must have been around last year's Schallwelle Awards. Sylvia really liked Däcker's "Pareidolia", which lead to the 'Discovery of 2020'.
Most recently, when Sylvia was kept in a coma, Stefan Erbe initiated to support Sylvia with personal messages. Which I indeed also did. I personalized my message with an improvised piece of music. Hopefully Sylvia got something from it in her conciousness.

Sylvia hosting last year's
Schallwelle Awards.

I will always remember Sylvia as a friendly, compassionated, dedicated and always involved personality. It always was a good reunion when we met in person.
Will miss her e-mails regarding Sinterklaas or when there was a soccer match between 'der Mannschaft' and our 'Oranje'.
Any future electronic music concert and event will not be the same anymore without Sylvia. You will be dearly missed!

Another traditional concert series to interlude the new year, will take place tonight at the Planetarium in Bochum. The "Hello 2022" concert by Ron Boots, Harald Grosskopf and Steve Baltes will surely be dedicated to Sylvia!

My sincere condolences to Klaus-Ulrich, all family, friends, and I am wishing everyone involved a lot of love and strength.

And quoting Edgar Froese: "There is no death, there is just a change of our cosmic address".

donderdag 31 december 2020

2020 / 2021

An end has come to this strange year 2020.
Like every year, I would like to look back at this year's musical activities.
Because of current situation, I have so many plans for next year, but because it's uncertain yet when old-fashioned concerts and festivals are going to be take place again, there are no concrete events planned. As always I am involved in a couple musical projects, and I hope to extend my Deserted Island Music label with more new and interesting releases. This year there have been four new albums on my small label (which are mentioned below), and hopefully our catalog will grow within next years.

But before the highlights, before I forget: I am wishing everyone a great, musical and prosperous 2021.
And that we are able to meet soon again in real life!

Deserted Island Music
Four new releases from different artists have been released on my Deserted Island Music label this year.

It might not sound that much, but until last year I mainly used to release music projects which were very close to myself only. Now, I have made a start to extend the catalog with other artist than REMY.
From the first release of this year, the cd's from now on come into gatefold digisleeves, instead of basic cardboard sleeves.

Now, I am aiming for a more consistent exposure of my label, so if you have any suggestions for great electronic music which definitely needs to be released, or if you think your own music fits within our catalog, don't hesitate to contact me!

For more details, see the links below or visit

Here's a short overview of this 2020's releases:

Mäläskä - First Day of Spring (DIM-009)
Born out of improvisations Petter Janse and I did in december 2019 in Jannum, Friesland.
The ambience and atmospheric laidback soundscapes are something completely different than our 2016 debut album "Uncle Jim's Cidney Factory".
Featuring Bas Broekhuis on percussion on one of the tracks.

Read more about the album on my blog:

REMY - The Other Side (DIM-010)
A conceptual album in the make for two years, and my first REMY album since 2016's "Fears".
Containing collaborations with Bas Broekhuis (drums), Judith Wessluis (vocals), Joost Verhagen (vocals) and Nausikaä de Blaauw (photography).

Read more:

Däcker - Pareidolia (DIM-011)
I produced an 2018 improvisation session by Peter Dekker. There are a lot of similarities in our musical styles and visions, so when I suggested to enhance Peter's 2-track recording, he immediately agreed. The result is "Pareidolia", which will appeal a lot of traditional electronic music lovers.

It seems that I haven't written a blog item about this album, but you can listen to album excerpts here:

On December 19th Peter and I did a live stream concert at BYSS. Below you can read about this.

Space Art - Entrevues (DIM-012)
In first instance my label did distribution and sales for the limited edition LP of Space Art's new album "Entrevues", which was released in March. However, earlier this month, the CD and digital download, have been released on Deserted Island Music. I am really proud to have this legendary band contracted!

On my blog I wrote about the limited edition LP release:

All versions contain slightly different tracklisting, and while the LP has been mastered by Patrick Pelamourgues, the CD and download have been mastered by Michel Geiss.

Schallwelle Preis
It's the time of the year again to vote for the Schallwelle Awards. Everyone can now vote for his or her favourite electronic music artists and albums of 2020.
All Deserted Island Music releases as well as individual artists can be found in the list:
Best Artist:
Space Art
Best Album:
Däcker - Pareidolia
Mäläskä - First Day of Spring
REMY - The Other Side
Space Art - Entrevues
Visit for all details, the complete lists, and to vote.
REMY & Däcker live at BYSS

December 19th, Peter Dekker and I did a concert at the BYSS studio of Bas Broekhuis.

In first instance this concert was streamed live via Facebook. For all who missed it, the concert has been archived for watching on the same URL as the live stream:

Because not everyone has a Facebook account, the slightly enhanced version of the concert has been uploaded to YouTube:
Adjustments are described in the video credits.

Then, last 30 minutes of our concert was also broadcast live on Wim Dekker's radio show Haarlem Underground at Radio Haarlem 105:

Last but not least, the entire concert is going to be broadcast on Jos Verboven's radio show Electronic Fusion on January 2nd.
The two hours REMY & Däcker special is going to be co-hosted by Peter and me.
Broadcasting schedule:

Saturday 02-01-2021 at 6 pm CET/CEST on Modul303 from Germany:
Sunday 03-01-2021 at 9 am PST/PDT on Krypton Radio from the USA:
Sunday 03-01-2021 at 3 pm CET/CEST on Radio Dark Tunnel from Germany:
Monday 04-01-2021 at 1 pm VET on Electronic Music Radio from Chile & Venezuela:
Afterwards, the show will be archived on Mixcloud:

My report of this adventure can be read on previous blog post: 

That's it for now!
I am very curious about what 2021 has to offer. For now, stay safe!

dinsdag 22 december 2020

REMY & Däcker live at BYSS

All packed.
Last Saturday Peter Dekker (aka Däcker) and I did a concert live stream at the BYSS studio of Bas Broekhuis.
BYSS was recently established by Bas, who already did something similar almost two decades ago with his Virtuele Theater.
In the meanwhile techniques have improved, and current times demand online events more than ever before. Great iniative, and a pleasure to follow recent concerts by Ron Boots and Skoulaman (Hans van Kroonenburg) at this same location.

I was looking forward to it so much, because of a couple of reasons.
It was my first and only concert of this strange year 2020, and it definitely felt good to be back on stage.
On top of that, it actually was the first live concert stream I ever did. Ok, I did concerts with an audience which were also streamed, but this was different.
Then, it was a pleasure to do this concert together with my good friend Peter Dekker. Recently I produced his debut album "Pareidolia", which was released on my Deserted Island Music label, under his alter ego Däcker.

Initially I was quite sceptic about live streams. Especially when loads of artists decided to do free streaming concerts at the start of the pandemic, while they normally would have played for a paying audience, didn't feel right.

FoH view at BYSS.
When Bas Broekhuis contacted me two monts ago, it was the intention to let perform me or Mäläskä on his virtual stage. Although I have released my latest solo album "The Other Side" earlier this year, it didn't feel the right moment to perform this, because I was focussed on other more recent projects, including the one with Peter Dekker, and the new Space Art album. However, I am looking forward so much to bring "The Other Side" to the stage with another opportunity.
Then, Petter (with whom I do together Mäläskä) currently had other priorities, so it immediately came in mind to join forces with Däcker for this BYSS session.

You all have to know that "Pareidolia" by Däcker was born out of an improvisation session, recorded by Peter in August 2018. Peter had doubts he could fill 1,5 hours of live music himself, so we soon immediately agreed to do the performance together. Not focussing of any existing material, but let go all expectations, and just play. Blending both our influences and visions into a non-prepared improvisation session.
However, I did a lot of studio work with his 2018 recordings, and added my part to it, but it was only two weeks ago that we played together for the very first time. Although this might have been risky, it luckily worked out pretty fine! So the basis was set for this concert.

Setup at Peter's living room. 
Last Friday I went to Peter's home to set up all gear we were about to use during the concert, and we took the afternoon and evening to technically prepare the gig, and do a rehearsal. Then we wrapped all equipment together, and headed to the most Northeastern part of the province of Groningen Saturday afternoon.

After Peter and I arrived at Bas' farmyard (the studio is built in a former pigsty) around 15:15, we set up all equipment, which went really smooth, and prepared for our live appearance really easy in the remaining hours.

Last couple of days I had already been busy preparing the visuals, but I also worked on something special for Peter. His musical heroes and inspirators Rob Papen, Steve Baltes, Michel Huygen, Eric van der Heijden and René Splinter recorded some very nice messages about their connection/friendship with Peter, "Pareidolia", and the upcoming concert. While featured as introduction of our performance, Peter only got to see this after the concert, and I was pleased to know it moved him.

Then, at 20:00 the video intro started and 5 minutes later we kicked off our concert. The only thing we appointed was that Peter would set in the first note, and the part which concluded the performance. Outside of some pre-programming, nothing of the one and a half hour to come was discussed in advance. Which I like so much about improvisation.
Then, the first note was struck by Peter on his E-Pro Spirit, and the next 90 minutes we played passed by before we realized it, and left us with satisfaction. It was a real pleasure to watch and listen the entire concert myself the day after, and read all comments. Thanks a lot for everyone involved, and the positive vibes. I think I am also speaking for Peter that this really gave us a boost.

After the concert we had a little chill out, before packing all our gear together, and headed to the west again. For me it was almost a three hours drive, but still kicking from all adrenalin, and the good conversations together with Peter, made the time pass by without noticing.

It was a pleasure to do this concert together with Peter. Hopefully there is more to come in 2021!
Thanks to Bas Broekhuis for this great opportunity and the warm welcome, and I expect to come back to BYSS in the new year with Mäläskä and perhaps also REMY.

The entire concert stream, including the introduction can still be watched (and commented on) on Facebook. I will also put it on YouTube later this week.

The final 30 minutes of the concert were also broadcast live on radio Haarlem 105, hosted by Wim Dekker. The archived program can be listened to via this link.

And also write down January 2nd, 2021. The entire concert is going to be broadcast during Electronic Fusion #278. Normally hosted by Jos Verboven, but for this episode, Peter and I will take over the show. Supplemented with more of our recently released music.

Then last but not least, for all gear nerds, here is the list of used equipment:
Peter: ASM Hydrasynth, E-Pro Spirit, Moog The Rogue, Roland VP-330, Sequential Prophet 12.
Remy: Clavia Nord Rack 2, E-Pro Minisynth, Korg Kronos X, Novation Supernova 2.

woensdag 23 september 2020

Twilight Princess

It was May 2018 when the First 4 Figures company announced another resin figure of one of the main characters of one of my all time favourite games, "The Legend of Zelda - Twilight Princess" (released for Nintendo's GameCube in 2006).

Wolf Link and Midna (game scene).
First 4 Figures produces limited, high quality and officially licensed resin and PVC figures related to computer games since 2003. 
A couple of years ago the company already produced a figure with Midna on Wolf Link (which I unfortunately don't have), but now it was time for the highly anticipated true form of this Midna. 

I have always been an admirer of the Zelda franchise, but various aspects from this dark "Twilight Princess" definitely made this one of my favourite games from the series.
If you have played this game, you might eventually be familiar with the game's final scene. It is the moment when cursed Midna returns to her true form as the Twilight Princess. This emotional moment is one which had quite an impact on me.
True form Midna (final game scene).


True form Midna figure.
When I saw the announcement of this true form Midna figure, I 
didn't have to think twice to pre-order it. The amount of these company's figures is strictly limited (and individually numbered), based on the amount of pre-orders. So all their products become collector items as soon as the production has ended. Because figures are announced way before the definitive design and approval of licensing by the brand owner company (in this case Nintendo), and the fact all figures are hand crafted, it takes quite a while to have an entire production ready.

Last Monday, almost 2,5 years after I placed my order, the excitement was there! Midna finally arrived!
And the result is gorgeous. Love her in all aspects. The figure's nice size of 17 inch, amazing detailing and coloring, and the possibility to light her hair (option with the Exclusive edition, which I bought), really made her come to life. A truly amazing piece for any geek's game and merchandising collection.

woensdag 5 augustus 2020

Dutch Electronic Masters

I have contributed music for the sampler album "Dutch Electronic Masters".
My submission is one of the 20 tracks that are part of this download only (Bandcamp) compilation, to be released on Friday August 7th.

The proceeds from the download sales will go to the Underground-Äxpärten radio show for the financial support of their radio operations and other voluntary work.

My exclusive (and not yet released before) contribution - "View over the Dokkumer Ee" - is a recent 10 minute improvisation around a sequencer theme which I programmed for last year's Mäläskä sessions that lead to recently released "First Day of Spring".

Find below the release's press information (translated to English.
The original German version can be read on

Dutch Electronic Masters
Release 07.08.2020

An idea was born.
The electronic musicians Harald Gramberg and Gerrit Johannes Vos (Adeptus Mechanicus), well-known through internet radio broadcasts, founded their joint band camp site The Cosmic Musical Connection in December 2018, not only to publish their collaborative works, but also to provide a platform for other electronic musicians To offer publication of joint productions

So the idea was not far off to try a sampler album, on which a number of artists are represented, who all have one thing in common. The foundation stone for the compilation "Dutch Electronic Masters", a journey across the Dutch electronic music scene, was laid.

Now it was necessary to find enough musicians who would like to take part in this project. The proceeds from the download sale should go to the underground specialists for the financial support of their radio operations and their other voluntary work. And lo and behold, 20 top-class electronics artists from the Netherlands agreed to participate in this mammoth project with one of their works. Some of them even composed a piece specially designed for this purpose. The result is a digital sampler album with a total playing time of 2 hours and 45 minutes. It will be available for download from August 7th on the above-mentioned band camp site, and from this date it will also be available in full or in part from internet radio stations.

CMCFrom the overall impression, without going into the individual titles in detail, I would like to assert that a very successful compilation is presented, which reflects the wide range of electronic music across the board. From Berlin School to Ambient, Dark Ambient, New Age, Cinematic, Instustrial (I could continue the list any way I want) almost everything is represented, whereby Harald has taken great pains not to simply string the individual soundtracks together, but into a meaningful one Bring order in order to achieve a smooth transition between the individual titles. I recommend you to just do what I did: take your time, maybe with good friends in a convivial atmosphere, and listen to this multifaceted album. It won't get boring in these two and three-quarters of an hour, because there is always something new to discover, not only for enthusiastic electronic music lovers, but also for one or the other active musician, just to be inspired.

Here are the individual artists in the order in which they are represented on the sampler:
Meesha, Gert Blokzijl, Arjen Schat, Adeptus Mechanicus, Eagle / Parallaxe, Harald Gramberg, Gert Emmens, Albert Steenbergen, Manorlogic, Johan ten Pas, René van der Wouden, Son of Ohm, Skoulaman, Northern Sound Productions, SPACEMANIAC, REMY, Romerium , SONICrider, Waveman, Phrozenlight.

Cover design: Gerrit Johannes Vos. Determining the order and upload: Harald Gramberg.
Bernd Jasper, 05.08.2020

Available on August 7th, 2020 from:

vrijdag 3 april 2020

REMY - The Other Side [new album release]

For April 11th there are scheduled three new album releases on my Deserted Island Music label:

- Mäläskä - First Day of Spring
- REMY - The Other Side
- Space Art - Entrevues

I have already spotlighted two of these albums on this blog the last couple of days.
And now concluding with my own new release: "The Other Side".

Pre-order your copy from

REMY - The Other Side
Deserted Island Music | DIM-010 | CD and digital download | Release date: April 11th, 2020

“The Other Side” is about the other side of each story, everything we don’t know, and all those things we will never be able to imagine or understand.

1. A Different View
2. Everything is Distraction
3. The Perfect Dream
4. Lost in Reality  

 This most conceptual project to date by renowned Dutch musician of electronic music REMY (Remy Stroomer, 1979) reflects the composer's curiosity about our existence, presence and perception here on this place and at this time, and everything attached to it.

The Other Side consists of four extensive music pieces.
For the musical direction, Remy slightly refers to the kind of music from the beginning of his career, more than 20 years ago. Partially winking to the Berlin School of electronic music, but also including plenty of elements that make REMY’s unique musical style recognisable: stretched out, repetitive and story-telling pieces, evolving sequencer-patterns, and subtle details and layering.

The overture, A Different View, is about thinking different and opposite from the mainstream. Approaching things from another point of view leads to new or different insights.
The second track imagines a point of view which human being is never capable to imagine. We are constantly focussing on the things we know from experience, and all things we have been told and educated. What if Everything is Distraction from the real essence? If there is any.
The Perfect Dream questions how dreams and reality are connected to eachother. A dream so perfect that it could be reality. Or is it reality? With musical and conceptual winks to Klaus Schulze's 1986 album Dreams, which has always been one of the main inspirations for REMY’s music.
The concluding epos Lost in Reality is trying to find a way through a world of dreams and reality. Quietly putting things into perspective, while trying not to lose it from insanity.

The Other Side includes a number of interesting collaborations, which resulted into this dynamic project.

Bas Broekhuis (photo 1), Joost Verhagen and Judith Wesselius (photo 2), Nausikaä de Blaauw (photo 3).
The album's second track, Everything is Distraction, features drums and percussion by Bas Broekhuis (Broekhuis, Keller & Schönwälder).

For the project's finale, Joost Verhagen converted the project’s subject into text, and Judith Wesselius created the vocal structure. Both Grey Lotus vocalists make the second part of the 23 minute final epos Lost in Reality complete, trying to find a connection between dream and reality.
While Judith relativates tranquillizing, the narrating Joost becomes insane near the end.

Photographer Nausikaä de Blaauw did various photo sessions using a mirror to visualize The Other Side. Each of the selected photos is linked to one of the album’s titles.

Remy Stroomer is born on October 9th, 1979 in Haarlem, The Netherlands. Although Remy tries to let hear his own things and following his own intuition on his musical journey, Klaus Schulze is often mentioned in comparison to Remy's musical style.

At the end of 1999, Remy's debuts with the self-released Exhibition of Dreams. The Art of Imagination is released nearly a year later. With this album Remy wins a Schwingungen award. In the years after Remy releases various albums and performs in the Netherlands, Germany and the UK.
2011's i-Dentity marks a new era, with the establishment of Remy's Deserted Island Music label, on which his latest albums are being released.

Remy collaborated with a large number of established musicians, including Ron Boots, Eric van der Heijden, Harold van der Heijden, Bill Fox, Gert Emmens, Eric Wøllo, Francis Rimbert,, Thomas Betzler, Moonbooter, My Breath My Music, Wolfram Spyra, Mario Schönwälder,
Bas Broekhuis, David Wright and Space Art.