donderdag 16 mei 2013

New release: "REMY & My Breath My Music - Sessions 2012"

While still being involved into recent "PrimiTiveS" release by and me, I am already announcing the next album.
The third release on my own Deserted Island Music label will be another collaboration:

"REMY & My Breath My Music - Sessions 2012".

It is the surprising output of a very special music session with students from the "My Breath My Music" foundation.

The purpose of "My Breath My Music" is to offer people with severe physical disabilities, an opportunity to make music especially with instruments developed for their needs.

The Magic Flute, a specially developed instrument which was originally designed as an adaptive musical instrument for people with little or no arm movement, was built with the goal to allow people with a wide range of disabilities to perform live electronic music and aim for the highest professional levels of performance.

The Magic Flute is an electronic wind instrument. It is unique because it can be played without hands. The wind instrument can also be connected to other electric sound sources like synthesizers or MIDI computers enabling the user to generate a broad variety of different sounds. The sounds used for this project are specially programmed. They respond very well to breath controlled data produced by the Magic Flute.

August 3rd, 2012, I was invited by Ruud van der Wel to perform a special project with members of his "My Breath My Music" foundation. I had no idea at all what to expect, but the young and talented musicians did a tremendous job improvising on my tracks, while they were entirely unfamiliar with my (kind of) music.

I am very honoured to have been part of this wonderful initiative. On the album (which contains the full sessions) you can hear the possibilities of the Magic Flute, as well as proof that there are no restrictions to speaking the language of music.

All information about "My Breath My Music" and the Magic Flute can be found on their website.

Press photo (c) Paul Oomen.
Album release information:
Available as cd and digital download.
Release date: June 3rd, 2013
Label: Deserted Island Music (DIM-003)
1. Temptation - 13'29 (with Korneel Oskam)
2. In High Places - 17'33 (with Christian Gouweleeuw)
3. Hunter - 15'14 (with Glenn Nugteren)
4. Full Moon - 15'03 (with Karin van Dijk)

The music on this cd contains adaptions from tracks which also appear on the first two Deserted Island Music releases: "REMY - i-Dentity" and "REMY - The Great Church Trilogy".
I have specifically chosen for these tracks as basis, because they perfectly offer room for improvisation.
Soundclips will be added on within a couple of days
Benefits from the album sales will go to the "My Breath My Music" foundation.