woensdag 5 augustus 2020

Dutch Electronic Masters

I have contributed music for the sampler album "Dutch Electronic Masters".
My submission is one of the 20 tracks that are part of this download only (Bandcamp) compilation, to be released on Friday August 7th.

The proceeds from the download sales will go to the Underground-Äxpärten radio show for the financial support of their radio operations and other voluntary work.

My exclusive (and not yet released before) contribution - "View over the Dokkumer Ee" - is a recent 10 minute improvisation around a sequencer theme which I programmed for last year's Mäläskä sessions that lead to recently released "First Day of Spring".

Find below the release's press information (translated to English.
The original German version can be read on www.hippiesland.de/release_dutch_electronic_masters):

Dutch Electronic Masters
Release 07.08.2020

An idea was born.
The electronic musicians Harald Gramberg and Gerrit Johannes Vos (Adeptus Mechanicus), well-known through internet radio broadcasts, founded their joint band camp site The Cosmic Musical Connection in December 2018, not only to publish their collaborative works, but also to provide a platform for other electronic musicians To offer publication of joint productions

So the idea was not far off to try a sampler album, on which a number of artists are represented, who all have one thing in common. The foundation stone for the compilation "Dutch Electronic Masters", a journey across the Dutch electronic music scene, was laid.

Now it was necessary to find enough musicians who would like to take part in this project. The proceeds from the download sale should go to the underground specialists for the financial support of their radio operations and their other voluntary work. And lo and behold, 20 top-class electronics artists from the Netherlands agreed to participate in this mammoth project with one of their works. Some of them even composed a piece specially designed for this purpose. The result is a digital sampler album with a total playing time of 2 hours and 45 minutes. It will be available for download from August 7th on the above-mentioned band camp site, and from this date it will also be available in full or in part from internet radio stations.

CMCFrom the overall impression, without going into the individual titles in detail, I would like to assert that a very successful compilation is presented, which reflects the wide range of electronic music across the board. From Berlin School to Ambient, Dark Ambient, New Age, Cinematic, Instustrial (I could continue the list any way I want) almost everything is represented, whereby Harald has taken great pains not to simply string the individual soundtracks together, but into a meaningful one Bring order in order to achieve a smooth transition between the individual titles. I recommend you to just do what I did: take your time, maybe with good friends in a convivial atmosphere, and listen to this multifaceted album. It won't get boring in these two and three-quarters of an hour, because there is always something new to discover, not only for enthusiastic electronic music lovers, but also for one or the other active musician, just to be inspired.

Here are the individual artists in the order in which they are represented on the sampler:
Meesha, Gert Blokzijl, Arjen Schat, Adeptus Mechanicus, Eagle / Parallaxe, Harald Gramberg, Gert Emmens, Albert Steenbergen, Manorlogic, Johan ten Pas, René van der Wouden, Son of Ohm, Skoulaman, Northern Sound Productions, SPACEMANIAC, REMY, Romerium , SONICrider, Waveman, Phrozenlight.

Cover design: Gerrit Johannes Vos. Determining the order and upload: Harald Gramberg.
Bernd Jasper, 05.08.2020

Available on August 7th, 2020 from: https://thecosmicmusicalconnection.bandcamp.com