woensdag 5 september 2018

Mäläskä live in Rotterdam and Haarlem

One week ago Petter and I did a private Mäläskä concert at the Erasmus MC in Rotterdam.
Our gig was part of festivities and performances at the medical centre, where we played in a nice and intimate barrack on the central square.

Petter kicked off with some poetry, after which we started improvising for the next 45 minutes.
Unfortunately our music seemed not to be attractive for most party people.
With the exception of a couple of attendees who stayed the whole performance, people walked in and out continuously. So in the end quite some guests took at least notice of our music.

After all we felt we did a proper set, which could eventually be used as guideline for our future concerts.
Our next concert will again be attendable for everyone!
It will be a special one we are looking forward to really a lot, as opening act for the Japanese psychedelic space gaze band, Acid Mothers Temple, at the Patronaat Haarlem, October 23rd.

To add some extra power and depth to our music, we will invite one or more fellow-musicians on stage. To be continued, as we are currently working things out.

Information and tickets: https://www.patronaat.nl/23-10-2018/acid-mothers-temple-jpn-