woensdag 11 maart 2015

Free Arts Lab weekend sessions

Although we are having rehearsing sessions with Free Arts Lab on a very regular base, there was need to work on our music in a different ambiance, on a different location. So last weekend Jeroen, Petter and I moved our equipment to a cottage, and locked ourselves for three days to create new music and discuss and work on the content and setup of Free Arts Lab's performances.
Besides the serious stuff there also was enough time for good conversations, a lot of fun, nice dinners and the necessary relaxation.

We transformed the living room of the cottage into a rehearsing studio, and we tried to create the ultimate atmosphere in which we would be able to optimally create new music. The evenings / nights were most productive, so we actually started to play around 22:00 at earliest.

We improvised a lot, alternated with tracks from our current set.
During the improvisations, the first moment it was Petter who started / joined in with an arpeggio, loops, chords, effects or ambient sounds, and another moment I started / joined in a track with pads, effects or arpeggios / sequences. Jeroen joined in with various drums, percussive sounds and structures. Besides the new music that was created during improvisations, we also worked on new prepared material.

The coming time we will sort out the many material of last weekend's recording sessions. We soon hope to share new stuff with you, during our upcoming concerts, or on our upcoming EP-release (although no concrete date scheduled yet).

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