zaterdag 24 januari 2015

Edgar Froese

In 2008, on April 13th to be precisely, I did a performance at the E-Day Festival.
The festival was turned into Edgar Froese Day, because of the headlining electronic music legend.

Edgar Froese and his band in concert @ E-Day 2008 (c) Brian (pogofish).
This specific year I actually saw him perform twice. His only solo performance ever at the TU Eindhoven, and his appearance with Tangerine Dream at the Night of the Prog Festival at the Loreley amphitheatre.

Ron Boots & Friends did the first concert on this Edgar Froese Day. Ron, who also organises the E-Live and E-Day festivals on annual base and managed to book Tangerine Dream's front man for a 2,5 hours concert, must have experienced this edition as one of the highlights as organiser. In between this day's concerts I did mine. Besides the integral presentation of my new album "This Is Not The End", I also did an interpretation of Edgar's "Maroubra Bay".
After my performance I got to meet Edgar Froese in person. Because he was preparing for his concert, I spoke to him shortly and had the opportunity to let him autograph my "Aqua" cd. A special, but funny moment. A camera was recording, and without knowing each other he introduced me in front of the camera as his biggest fan from New Zealand. Which in fact I am not.

Edgar Froese @ E-Day 2008
(c) Brian (pogofish).
Although I lost interest in Edgar's and Tangerine Dream's output after 1990 (with a couple of exceptions), I can say the period before (1967-1990) did make a lot of sense to me, and indeed was groundbreaking for the overall evolution of (electronic) music. As well as he was a source of inspiration for my own musical development. And I can only agree with everyone who says he was, without any doubt, one of the most important pioneers of the electronic music genre.
And to learn about the prospect of a collaboration between Edgar Froese and one of my other heroes, Jean Michel Jarre (to probably see the light later this year) also makes me very exciting.

I didn't listen much to Tangerine Dream recently, but unconsciously I did play "Goblin's Club" (one of the albums after the 90's which could only catch me partially), last Tuesday. Which was Edgar's final day as living legend.
It once more did me realise that also legends aren't invincible.
May he live on in memories. Rest in peace.

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