donderdag 26 mei 2011

EMFL update, MusicZeit 13 Sampler & GHB trailer

There has not been much news recently as I have started to work on some new musical projects again slowly. Some (collaborational) projects which I hope to have more information about within a short time!
And indeed the usual things "behind the screens" have to happen when being my own record label!:-)

Electronic Music For Life
The benefit "Electronic Music For Life", for which I have also submitted an exclusive track, raised 1420,91 euros so far. Follow the status of the donations to the German Red Cross here:

If you haven't done already, just order your copy of this double-cd from Besides it's a 100% benefit project - which actually should be supported by all of you - the compilation's music is very varied and there certainly are enough interesting tracks which you might like!

"i-Dentity" @ MusicZeit
Besides the physical release of "i-Dentity", it's also possible to download my new album from MusicZeit. The only difference is the content: the download version contains the bonus track "Vulnerable".
This exclusive track is a new piece, and rehearsal for my recent performance at the E-Day Festival.
An edit of this track appears on MusicZeit 13 Sampler, which can be downloaded for free here:

Grote Haarlemse Boekenmarkt promo video
I've recorded a short piece of music for a promo video for the "Grote Haarlemse Boekenmarkt", which will be held on June 26th in the centre of Haarlem, The Netherlands.
You can watch the result here:

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