zondag 5 oktober 2014

Korg M1 repair

Just before last Friday's Free Arts Lab concert at the Pletterij, the pitch bend / modulation joystick of my Korg M1 broke.
Very frustrating because I use to use it a lot, especially during my solos.
And because of the fact that it was the first synthesizer I owned, and still use it during most of my concerts (and have used it on all my albums so far), I actually can't without it.

Yesterday I opened the synthesizer to replace the broken stick with a functional one from a another M1, which I have for spare parts.
In the end this wasn't the hardest job, except for the fact that there first had to be removed the upper two print boards to get access to the cables leading to the connection with the rear of one of these boards.

Glad to have my brave old Korg M1 in good shape again. And in time for our Awakenings gig, next weekend.

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