zaterdag 1 september 2012


Yesterday I did another session with (Michel van Osenbruggen) in his Apollo Studio.
Actually there are no sensational details about past evening / night, but resumed: we listened, and we made notes and some adjustments. And it is very nice to know that we more or less still share the same ideas about the direction we want to go into with our project.

In the past weeks I recorded some additional tracks, which Michel integrated into the current mixes. I was very delighted to hear the results of the new versions he has made since our previous session, and it is great to hear the enormous progress the individual tracks have made since the start of our collaboration. When having listened to the tracks after eachother again, it became clear the album is getting shape more and more. Very welcome, because our intention is to create a complete album, and should not just be a collection of tracks.
In the meanwhile Michel also did a great job with the preparations of the artwork, and yesterday we also brainstormed about potential track titles. At this moment we have made a selection of nine tracks with a total duration of around 70 minutes, and for now we both agreed about the the album title: "Primitives".

In first instance we set the album release on October 27th, at the E-Live Festival in Oirschot. At this moment it is not yet 100% certain if we are really going to manage this, but we are definitely on the right track. More concrete information should be available by the end of this month, after we have had some more sessions.

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