maandag 28 maart 2011

"i-Dentity" updates (including soundclips and availability)

Last week I've finished the final mix of my new album, and supplyed it to Wouter Bessels, who is going to do the mastering.
Actually most of the mixes were already done a week earlier, but last week I've took some time to change some minor issues, such as removing some clicks in the guitar parts of the second track, adjusting the volume of the synth parts by Gert Emmens and, decreasing some background noise which appeared in the multitrack solos of the first track, etc.

This week I will be sending the first promotional tracks to radio stations, so expect to hear some previews before its release on April 16th!

Recently I have also been busy developing the artwork for "i-Dentity", which should be the standard / template for the future releases of my new label, Deserted Island Music. Actually it's the first time I have designed my own album artwork, since the ten years I am releasing music. Although I am graphic designer, Ewout Koek (with whom I own AKH Records) did all of my album artwork before!

The official release date is April 16th, and the physical album can be obtained at the E-Day Festival at earliest.
However "i-Dentity" is available for pre-ordering via my new websites ( and, actually by sending an e-mail to
The price is only 10 euros (excuding shipping)!
I am still working on the sites, but if you send me an e-mail I can reserve a copy for you, and supply you with details.

Besides my own websites and, you can order from various mailorders in the internet. A list will follow on my above mentioned new websites.
High quality downloads will also become available from a selection of platforms. One download platform is going to offer my new album, including an exclusive "download-only" track, before the actual release date! More information next week!

Excerpts can be heard here:
Note that the sound quality of the cd-release will be much better than you can hear in these soundclips. They are only meant to give an impression what you could expect to hear on the album.
The second track contains guitars by Bill Fox.
The complete version of track 4, "i- Dentity", features parts by Gert Emmens,, Erik Wøllo and Francis Rimbert. Their parts are not included in the excerpts.

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