zaterdag 9 april 2011

"i-Dentity" updates

As the audio master and the artwork have been sent to the pressing plant last week, there's nothing I can change anymore at this stage!
I have already got confirmed that the album will be delivered in time for E-Day.
The time until my performance at the E-Day Festival I will use to prepare my concert and do a lot of promotion and other stuff "behind the screens".

Here are the complete track details from the album:
1. Destination: Berlin - part 1 - 11'23
2. Destination: Berlin - part 2 (feat. Bill Fox) - 20'39
3. Destination: Berlin - part 3 - 19'08
4. i-Dentity (feat. Gert Emmens,, Erik Wøllo and Francis Rimbert) - 24'15

Exclusive pre-release with bonus track
April 16th will be the official release date of "i-Dentity". However, it will be possible to obtain the digital version of it 2 days before the official release date!
On April 14th you can already buy the complete album as losless FLAC or 320 kbps MP3 from
This download includes high-resolution artwork and an exclusive bonus track.

The physical release can be ordered directly from me by sending an e-mail to remy at exhibitionofdreams dot com. The price is only 10 euros, excluding shipping!
Sales points and download sites will be announced soon on my new website

Remy live @ E-Day Festival, Oirschot, April 16th 2011
During my concert at the annual E-Day Festival a couple of friends will accompany me onstage:
Gert Emmens and Erik Wøllo participate on the track they also collaborated on my album.
Details can be found on

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