zondag 20 maart 2011

i-Dentity and E-Day updates

Still another week to work on the final album mix before it's going to be mastered by Wouter Bessels (who has been mastering my music since 2008).
Besides preparing for my E-Day performance, I am also working on two new websites which should be online before the release of "i-Dentity".
http://www.exhibitionofdreams.com/ will contain information about all my musical projects and http://www.desertedislandmusic.nl/ is my new label's website.

"i-Dentity" will be released on my new "Deserted Island Music" label.
Because 3 of the 4 tracks on the album represent my performance at last year's Ricochet Gathering in Berlin, which was organised by Vic Rek, it is decided to do a joint release with his Ricochet Dream label (http://www.ricochetdream.com/).

Remy live @ E-Day Festival, Oirschot, April 16th 2011
During my concert at the annual E-Day Festival a couple of friends will accompany me on stage:
Gert Emmens and Erik Wøllo participate on the track on which they also collaborated on my album.
Probably another guest will join, but this will be announced as soon as I have confirmation!

As usual I will have a stall that day where you can buy my music!

Other performing artists are Erik Wøllo, Harald Grosskopf and René Splinter.
Tickets are available via http://e-day.groove.nl/.

Francis Rimbert fanclub blog
I was asked to tell about Francis Rimbert's participation on the title track of my new album "i-Dentity" for the French Francis Rimbert fancub blog, which you can read here (in French): http://www.rimbertandfriends.fr/archives/746

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