dinsdag 1 maart 2011

New album, new label and more...

After having celebrated my 10th anniversary as musician of electronic music, last year with the release of "Exhibition of Dreams - 10th Anniversary", My tenth album, "i-Dentity", sees the light on April 16th.
On this day I will also perform on the main stage at the annual E-Day Festival in Oirschot. Details can be found on http://e-day.groove.nl/.
The new album, as well as my performance will feature some well-known guest musicians, to be announced within two weeks!

1. Destination: Berlin - Part 1
2. Destination: Berlin - Part 2 (featuring Bill Fox)
3. Destination: Berlin - Part 3
4. i-Dentity (featuring guest musicians, t.b.a.)

Tracks 1-3 have been recorded at my performance at the 11th Ricochet Gathering in Berlin, October 16th 2010.
I performed an hour of music, of which “Destination: Berlin - Part One” and “Part Three” are unedited live recordings. “Part Two” was performed live too, but because Bill Fox' appearance on this track was decided on the very last moment before the performance, in combination with some recording issues, there were finally no multitrack recordings from his part. For this release, the track has been edited instead, with some slight changes, as well as newly recorded parts by Bill Fox.

The title track features some more guest musicians who will be announced within two weeks!

The album will be released on my newly established record label (official since today!).
As co-owner of AKH Records (on which I have released most of my previous albums), I've also had some plans for another label (also focusing on various types of electronic music), with a slightly different approach, of which recognisability as label and a more stable frequency of releases (also from other artists) are part. Besides this I want to offer quality music for the best possible prices (also, indeed all releases will be officially manufactured discs, no cd-r's!), which is also very important because of the decreasing physical album sales, as well as the current music market on the internet. My music will also become available on various download platforms, which offer high quality music files.
The name of the label and the complete concept will also be revealed within a very short time.
For this new label, as well as my own music, there will be launched some new websites later this month.

I am nominated in the category "Best International Artist" at the annual Schalwelle Preisverleihung.
This year the (sold out) ceremony takes place in the planetarium of Bochum, March 12th.
Information and the complete list of nominees can be found on http://www.schallwelle-preis.de/.


An exclusive track, inspired by M.C.Escher's "Ascending and Descending" appeared on the "Dutch Masters" cd, recently released by Groove Unlimited (http://www.groove.nl).
The album contains very fine electronic music by artists who let inspire themselves by works of famous Dutch painters.

Watch the promo video here:
You can order your copy from www.groove.nl or directly from me.
The album is limited to 400 copies!

Synth.nl - Nachtwacht
Remy - Ascending and Descending
Gert Emmens - Muurhuizen
Eric van der Heijden - Nuit étoilée sur le Rhône
Void - Temptation
Rene Splinter - Tower of Babel
Bas Broekhuis - Forrest Machines / Wuivend Riet
Ron Boots - Tuin der Lusten
René van der Wouden - The Zeppelin
Meesha - Back to Square One

I have also submitted a track for "Schallplatte 13", for which the musical pieces should have been inspired by famous writers.
My piece refers to Stephen King's "The Stand", which actually one of the very few (excellent) books I've ever read.
It's not yet certain if the piece appears on the compilation, as a jury selects all submissed tracks in advance.
The cd will be only available to members of the German Schallwende electronic music magazine (and a limited quantity can be obtained via me if my track appears on it).

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