donderdag 3 oktober 2019

Exhibition of Dreams 20th anniversary - facts, stories and more - part 3

As you could have read on my previous blog, this year it is exactly 20 years ago that my debut album "Exhibition of Dreams" saw the light.
To work towards this celebration, I will share related facts, stories and more, within the next weeks.
Original 1999 "Exhibition of Dreams" 2-CDR release.
Shortly after the release of "Exhibition of Dreams", on December 20th 1999, the album rapidly sold out. Because of ongoing negotiations with Groove Unlimited for the next album release, it was decided not to make another run of CDR-sets. And because of ongoing demand for the debut album, I already had in mind to re-release the album in ten years. Which happened.
In the first place I recorded new versions from a selection of tracks from the original album, to be released as "EoD". Secondly, the original double album was entirely remastered, and released for the first time on factory pressed CD's, instead of CDR's. Everyone who didn't have the opportunity to obtain the original album back in the days, now could get hold of the original music from 1999.

Although the original CDR release (limited to 50 copies) is still in the collection of a couple loyal listeners of my music, it is likely that these discs won't play properly (or even not at all) anymore, due to the course of time and quality of this early CDR generation.

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