vrijdag 18 oktober 2019

Exhibition of Dreams 20th anniversary - facts, stories and more - part 5

As you could have read on my previous blog, this year it is exactly 20 years ago that my debut album "Exhibition of Dreams" saw the light.
To work towards this celebration, past weeks I have shared related facts, stories and more. This is the final 'episode', as next week "Exhibition of Dreams 20th anniversary" will be available.

Boxset 1: "Exhibition of Dreams
20th anniversary" (4 cd's + artbook).
As soon as "Exhibition of Dreams" follow-up album "The Art of Imagination" was released, I took the opportunity to have releases of most of the next albums during the annual E-Live and E-Day Festivals. Simply because a large part of the target listeners of my music gathers during these days. Which also will be the case again for this year's edition of E-Live ("Exhibition of Dreams 20th anniversary") on October 26th, and next year's E-Day (the upcoming new studio album) on April 11th.
Visit http://www.e-live.nl/ for event information and tickets.

While current focus is on the 20th anniversary of "Exhibition of Dreams", I am also nearing completion of my next studio album. Although I am constantly searching for new directions within my music, I chose to slightly refer to my main influences back in the days of "Exhibition of Dreams". Including long and stretched out pieces, some serious sequencing, dreamy and psychedelic surroundings, detailed layering, and... Oh well, more about it soon!

Boxset 2: "Exhibition of Dreams
in progress (cd + artbook).
For now, be sure to order your copy of one of the limited "Exhibition of Dreams" 20th anniversary boxsets.
If you are planning to visit E-Live on October 26th, just mention this with your order, so you can pick up your copy there.
Ordering and information: www.desertedislandmusic.nl.

Thanks a lot to all of you who have been supporting me in the previous 20 years! 
Although I am 'officially' still an amateur musician (as I still have another full time job, and because I don't have to make a living out of my music), and although in the first place I am creating music for my own needs, I couldn't have achieved everything without any of your support, motivational and critical comments, friendships, and whatever supported me during my musical journey. Your presence has been proven to be necessary to continue what is most important in my life: making music, and being involved into it!

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