donderdag 26 september 2019

Exhibition of Dreams 20th anniversary - facts, stories and more - part 2

As you could have read on my previous blog, this year it is exactly 20 years ago that my debut album "Exhibition of Dreams" saw the light.
To work towards this celebration, I will share related facts, stories and more, within the next weeks.

Today, it is exactly one month until the release of "Exhibition of Dreams 20th anniversary".
Original 1999 "Exhibition of Dreams" 2-CDR release.
"Exhibition of Dreams" is a collection of the best tracks I had to offer at that time. They were composed and recorded between 1997 and 1999. For the release of an album, there had to be recorded better versions. Which was done after having moved all equipment to the attic of the home of the parents of my musical partner in crime, Ewout Koek.
Where we had in mind to release a single disc, it became clear during the recordings that it simply had to be a double CDR. Quite daring for a debut album, but it felt good. And we didn't have to take big commercial risks, or obligations to a label to restrict to just one disc. Besides, we just established our own label, AKH Records.
As I didn't have a clue if my music could be interesting to other people, "Exhibition of Dreams" became a testcase to find this out. And, surprisingly it became clear that it moved people. My debut paved the road for my musical journey since then.
When I got in contact with the dutch Groove Unlimited label, there was discussed to release a selection of "Exhibition of Dreams" tracks as a single CD. The album was not meant to fit on a single disc, so I came up with an entirely new album, "The Art of Imagination". It was released the year after my debut.

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