vrijdag 6 september 2019

Old and new stuff

It has been a while ago since my last blog. But in the meanwhile I have spent a lot of time in my studio. And I am looking forward to share old and new stuff with you on short term.
To start with, next week there will be revealed details about the upcoming celebration of the 20th anniversary of "Exhibition of Dreams".
In first instance I had a different kind of schedule for the 20th anniversary celebration of "Exhibition of Dreams". While I simultaneously have been working on a brand new studio project, I had in mind to release both "Exhibition of Dreams - 20th anniversary" and the new studio album, near the end of 2019.
One of the releases - or more likely both them - would be overshadowed or it would have caused confusion when being released at the same time.
So I decided to reserve the end of 2019 for the celebration of my debut album, and postpone the new studio album until early 2020.
As part of the anniversary celebration of the 1999 album, I considered doing a concert tour covering my musical career so far, as well as an integral performance of the entire debut album.
I struggled with this for a few reasons. With the remake of a selection of tracks from "Exhibition of Dreams" (2009) as only exception, I have never redone finished things. Ok, as part of concerts I reworked and played some of my older tracks, but furthermore I didn't feel any need to come up with another revisited version of music pieces that have been created and recorded 20 years ago. Secondly, when doing a tour of, let's say, 10-20 gigs, performing a lot of the same pieces over and over again, I get bored. I could do it without any doubt, but it simply isn't what I want to do. So I decided not to do it this way.
Instead, I came up with a valuable addition to the "Exhibition of Dreams" franchise. But more about this in my next blog.
Then, the new studio album will be more conceptual than ever before, involving a couple of artistic collaborations. First things first, so you just have to wait patiently for the exciting things to come!

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