zondag 18 september 2016

Rehearsing with My Breath My Music

As you could have read in a previous post, I will be joining "My Breath My Music In Concert", at
Cultuurpodium Boerderij in Zoetermeer, October 9th.

Yesterday we (me with three members of My Breath My Music) did a rehearsing session for a brand new 15 minutes piece I composed for this occassion. It was good to be back at Rijndam Revalidatiecentrum in Rotterdam.

Because the largest part of the track will be filled with improvisation, we put the focus on selecting lead sounds on the Magic Flute. Sounds with which Korneel and Christian felt comfortable while playing their parts. We played through the music piece a couple of times, and set a global structure.

Glenn took care of the drums and percussion. Born without hands it is unbelievable to witness him controlling the drums.
Each time again, it is a real treat to see and hear all these musician's passion and feeling for the music.
Coming time the drum pads will be programmed with the fitting sounds. Although there still is enough room for improvisation, Glenn's output has to be more structured, because of the development of the track.

Then, I will also participate during the 'overture' on the day of the event. Together with organiser and My Breath My Music chairman Ruud van der Wel we worked out my contribution on this.

There are still tickets left, so spread the word, consider joining us, and bring all your family and friends, on October 9th!

Info and tickets: http://cultuurpodiumboerderij.nl/programma/my-breath-my-music/

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