zaterdag 24 september 2016

"Archives" special and "Fears" update

As you might already know, my new studio album "Fears" is going to be released on October 29th.
Last week the audio masters and the artwork have been sent to the factory, so if everything's fine the final product should be available well before the release date.
October 1st, I am present with a stall at the Electronic Circus Festival in Detmold. The artwork of "Fears" will be revealed on this day.
Again, don't forget to pre-order "Fears", which includes a limited and numbered bonus disc.

But first, there is an upcoming focus on my "Archives" series. Twice a year another episode is added to "Archives 4" is scheduled for October 7th, and contains recordings from the period 1999-2000.
Norbert Zumdiek pays attention to the entire series so far, during his radio show, on Friday, September 30th,  in between 20.00 - 01.00 CET.
The special covers a 7 tracks selection (a whopping 105 minutes!) from all four released episodes of "Archives". This also includes the world premiere of some of the tracks from "Archives 4", one week before the actual release date.

So be sure to tune in at Underground Äxpärten or Radio Sunrise.

John Valk hosts the other half of the show, playing music by Cosmic Hoffman, Sequentia Legenda, Perceptual Defence, and many more. Recommended!

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