vrijdag 16 september 2016

All REMY's remastered albums available

Within the last months, REMY's physical released back catalog from 1999 to 2010 has been remastered entirely by Wouter Bessels.
This includes the limited bonus discs that had once been available with the first purchases of some of the regular albums.

From May 13th, every three weeks another album (eventually with bonus material from the same musical period) was released as digital download (320 kbps MP3 and 16 bits / 44,1 kHz FLAC). All titles contain revisited artwork.
In the meanwhile the remaster of "Exhibition of Deams revisited" (originally called "EoD") completed the series.

Here is the full list of all remastered REMY releases:

Exhibition of Dreams - 10th Anniversary remaster (1999/2010)
Exhibition of Dreams - bonus tracks (1999/2010)
The Art of Imagination (2000)
DisConnected (2003)
Connected (2003)
DisConnected sessions (2003)
Different Shades of Dust (2004)
A-Live (2004)
Sense (2006)
Sense - bonus (2006)
This Is Not The End (2008)
This Is Not The End - bonus tracks (2008)
Exhibition of Dreams - revisited (2009)

The remasters are available from www.desertedislandmusic.nl.
www.musiczeit.com will be updated early October; other download platforms will follow later.
And a reminder for what you could have read in a previous blog post: The mp3 from "This Is Not The End - bonus tracks" can still be downloaded for free.

These re-releases pave the road to REMY's first solo album in five years: "Fears". More information on this upcoming release (scheduled for October 29th) is going to be revealed within the coming days and weeks.
Pre-order now from www.desertedislandmusic.nl and receive a free limited edition bonus disc with your order.

While preparing for the release of "Fears", there are also scheduled a couple of other things:
- The release of "Archives 4" on October 7th (an update about this follows around that date);
- Another performance with Mäläskä (at the Graauwe Hengst in Schiedam, October 8th). Details follow;
- And I will be part of "My Breath My Music In Concert" (Cultuurpodium Boerderij in Zoetermeer, October 9th).

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