maandag 18 april 2011

E-Day 2011 report

Saturday I performed at the E-Day Festival in Oirshot. I've had a great time on stage and during the festival! The concert was partially around my new "i-Dentity" album, which was also presented this day, and contained some "old" and completely new music as well.
Gert Emmens and Erik Wøllo joined me on stage and delivered excellent contributions on the title track.

1. Destination: Berlin - part 1
2. Vulnerable (new track)
3. Destination: Berlin - part 3
4. i-Dentity (feat. Gert Emmens and Erik Wøllo)
5. Lunascape

Preliminary to Erik Wøllo´s concert, all present artists that participated on the Dutch Masters compilation cd, which was released recently by Groove Unlimited, appeared on stage as part of the promotion of the album.
Everyone, including me, told about their submitted track.

Resumed, I've experienced an excellent day, with a lot of nice chats (which was the main reason that I only attended Erik Wøllo's very nice atmospheric concert, and had to skip the gig of Harald Grosskopf - which I díd see perform half a year ago in Berlin), friendly people, fine music, and not to forget delicious shoarma at the end of the day (actually it was already the next day:-)).
And I would thank my wife Paulien and AKH Records label partner Ewout for their help and support during the day!

Above featured photos taken by Chris van den Hout.

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