vrijdag 27 mei 2016

Mäläskä - "Uncle Jim's Cidney Factory"

First of all, a moment of celebration: this is my 100th blog item!!!

Recently I did some improvisation sessions with guitar player Petter Janse.
In first instance it was the intention to try out another setup, and eventually work out new ideas for Free Arts Lab.
This actually led to three intensive improvisation sessions of 2,5 hours each.
On March 31st we did the third session, and after we listened back the recordings, we immediately agreed we should have an album release of the material.
A selection, because otherwise it wouldn't fit on a cd.
The last weeks we mixed the material, and to keep everything as spontaneous as it emerged, we decided to leave 90-95% unedited.

I would rather describe the result as a musical LSD-trip. A lot of space, ambient, soundscapes. But also sequencing, loops, hypnotising beats and whopping solos. All established during 100% unprepared spontaneuous improvisation.

Listen to excerpts here:

However, because the output is not really in the line of what we intended to represent with Free Arts Lab, we decided to call our project Mäläskä, which is named after a village in Finland.
Our soundtrack "Uncle Jim's Cidney Factory will be presented at Pletterij Debat- en Cultuurcentrum in Haarlem, on June 29th.
The story is about party people and drop outs at Saginaw Valley State College, Michigan.

Pre-order your cd now via www.desertedislandmusic.nl or support us during our upcoming gigs:

29-06-2016 - Mäläskä - "Uncle Jim's Cidney Factory" - Album presentation @ Pletterij, Haarlem (NL)
01-07-2016 - Mäläskä @ De Hommel, Vlaardingen (NL)
02-07-2016 - Mäläskä feat. Thomas Betzler @ Schwingungen Garten Party, Hamm (GER)

Last weekend Nausikäa de Blaauw photographed Petter and me in action in my studio. Here's an impression:

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