dinsdag 12 januari 2016

Schallwelle Preis 2016

Voting for the annual Schallwelle Preis is started!
And REMY is also on the list again (in the category "Artist 2015 International").

I assume chances to win a price are not very large (mainly because last year there hasn't been a physical release and because I only did one concert (and that even wasn't under my own name)), but if you want, feel free to vote. On me, or at least on fellow musicians and their music!;-)

The voting ends on January 23rd, 2016. Everybody can participate, but only once. The name and a valid e-mail address must be given. The following four categories are open for votes, where in each category up to 3 artists or 3 albums, respectively, may be voted for:
  • Best Artist National (i.e., German artists or bands)
  • Best Artist International
  • Best Album National (i.e., by German artists or bands)
  • Best Album International

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