zaterdag 9 januari 2016

REMY special @ House of Prog

September last year, I was interviewed by Iris Hidding for House of Prog.
Tomorrow (January 10th, 21:00 CET), this interview will be broadcast, as part of a REMY special during the "Purple Flower Progressive Hour".

See for information and details.

The (approximately) 90-minutes special features an extensive interview about various aspects of my music, collaborations and projects with e.g. My Breath My Music and Free Arts Lab, performances, my studio, future plans, as well as a nice selection of  audio tracks.
Including the premiere of one of the tracks from my upcoming studio album "Fears".
If you are not yet familiar with my music, this special gives a good insight and overview into my musical career so far.

In any case, be sure to tune in!

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