maandag 13 april 2015

Free Arts Lab photoshoot

This afternoon Jeroen, Petter and I had a photoshoot for Free Arts Lab. The shoot was done by Nausikäa de Blaauw, who already made some great live photos during our concert at the Pletterij, last year.
We were allowed to make photographs at "De Hallen", an arts gallery in the centre of Haarlem.
This location offered excellent opportunities for making some nice and surprising compositions.
Although the gallery is closed for public on Mondays, we were allowed to access all rooms, exposition areas, and also the roof.
So we had all freedom to pose.

We already got an impression from the results from the camera's display, but I am really excited and looking forward to see the full resolution final results. Photos will be shared as soon as there is made a selection.

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