zondag 8 juni 2014

New music pc in the studio

Last week I picked up a new music pc.
My previous computer had been in my studio since 2007 (after having worked for years with my precious Atari ST), and after having done the maximum cpu and memory upgrades and having installed Windows 7, last year, this 'oldie' seemed to have more and more problems to run stable.
Within the last years I got more demanding concerning sound quality and useage of VST's, so I was asking more of the computer's cpu and memory.

Since a couple of weeks I already got some harddisc error-messages, and the rebooting seemed to be a problem more and more.
Recently I didn't manage to get the pc turned on anymore. When switching on the computer, only the fan started to rotate.
Although I did already plan to buy a new system somewhere later this year, I was really hoping for a replacement after the upcoming "Chill at the Castle - Electric Edition", for which I still have to do some production work. So it would have been really great if my workstation could have served me at least for another month.

My previous music-pc was built by i4-Muzique in Eindhoven, and because I was very satisfied, I also bought the new one from them this time. They customize rather silent computers, built in 19" units, so it fits perfectly into my studio rack. One of the advantages was that my old housing could just be re-used for the new system.

Within the coming days I hope to reinstall all software, connect all equipment, and get the new pc running again, so I can continue working on the last bits for the Free Arts Lab performance and collaboration with Wolfram Spyra, on June 27th.
After this I am already really looking forward to work on more upcoming planned projects with Gert Emmens, Synth.nl, C-Jay and Free Arts Lab, as well as on the continuation of a very long-running exciting project for which I finally might have some more time again. Hope to reveal some details about this soon.

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