woensdag 25 juni 2014

"Chill at the Castle - Electric Edition" - Planet of the Arps

Only 2 days to go to the concert evening I am organising at the Ruïne van Brederode, so recently I have written some blog items about this upcoming event and related activities.

Last time I already supplied all global details and information about the event, and last week I also wrote about the performing artists Free Arts Lab and Wolfram Spyra. Now it's time to light out the final act: Planet of the Arps.

The "Planet of the Arps" project actually started as an ambient music piece I composed and recorded back in 2010.
Because the music is slightly outside the REMY-tradition, I decided to use a pseudonym for this project.
As soon as the first version of the project was finished, I got in touch with Wolfram Spyra and asked him if he wanted to 'do something' with this 1-hour piece. Although the piece was actually finished, it missed something I couldn't add myself at that moment.
In 2012 I performed the new version of the original piece, during a solo-concert at the Zeiss Planetarium in Bochum (Germany).
Wolfram and I have both been too busy with our own activities and projects, so that it didn't come to work on this track together until date. After the four years that passed by, the first collaborational offend finally will be a fact in the form of a live rework of a large part of the latest version of "Planet of the Arps".

"Planet of the Arps" refers to the science fiction movie "Planet of the Apes", arps (galaxies) as collected by Dr. Halton C. Arp, synthesizer manufacturer Arp, and the musical term 'arpeggio'.
The concept artwork below, which is being used to represent "Planet of the Arps", is a digital creation which I also made in the period of the first version of the project.

From the "Chill at the Castle - Electric Edition" press information:

As the ‘grand finale’ of this evening at the ruin, Wolfram Spyra will join Remy Stroomer for a real-time rework of Remy’s one hour ambient piece “Planet of the Arps”.
This original composition dates from 2010 and has been performed live by Remy at the Zeiss Planetarium in Bochum (Germany) in September 2012.
From the time the musical piece was finished, Remy wanted Wolfram to rework this track.
Now, four years later, this project has finally brought both artists together and an excerpt of this piece will be created live at the ruin.

For all information about "Chill at the Castle - Electric Edition" and ticket sales:

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