dinsdag 25 september 2012

Electronic Circus / Space Art showcase

Saturday, September 22nd, the 5th edition of the Electronic Circus Festival in Gütersloh, Germany, took place.

One day earlier the Circus already started with a pre-dinner with the already arrived musicians and some visitors (approximately 40 people). Like last year it again was a very welcome start of a nice weekend.

After everyone finished meals, my wife Paulien, Michel van Osenbruggen (Synth.nl) and me, had another drink in a so called 'Biergarten'. Don't know why it was called like that, because they only had a pover choice of only two beers.

Saturday we moved towards Die Weberei in Gütersloh, where the festival took place.
On this day there were performing some fine acts, which the Electronic Circus crew described as 'the best line-up up til date'.
Paulien manned the Deserted Island Music stall for the album sales. Here it was also possible to listen excerpts from the album Synth.nl and me are currently working on.

Because I was also involved into the organisation of Dominique Perrier's "Space Art Tribute" album presentation and showcase, I unfortunately only managed to see a part of Ian Boddy and Erik Wollo's concert, which contained some great music! During the day Dominique Perrier gave some interviews, and I also did one with him for www.jeanmicheljarre.nl, which I will be putting online within the coming days.

After Gandalf's concert, it was time to get the last things prepared and doing the final soundcheck for the come-back of the legendary "Space Art".
Having released three albums in between 1977 and 1981, which sold 3 million copies worldwide, the follower-up "Space Art Tribute" was - finally - being released on the day of their first performance ever in Germany.
Although the album must be seen as a new "Space Art" album, the "Tribute" refers to the passing of half of the band's original setting, drummer Roger Rizzitelli, two years ago.

The time schedule of the band's performance (the showcase started at 23:30) seemed no problem for the present audience.
Dominique Perrier (synthesizers), Michel Valy (bass), Alain Pype (drums) and Lilli Lacombe (violin and synths) performed a couple of tracks from the new release, as well as two "oldies". After their 30-minute gig, the audience really went mad, and asked for an encore. And another one! Definitely a blasting performance!

Thanks a lot the Electronic Circus organisation and crew for another great event at Die Weberei. Already looking forward to the next edition again!

The next event will be the E-Live Festival at Theater De Enck in Oirschot, where Space Art will also be present to have their album presentation, as well as another showcase. Official announcement will follow very soon!

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