donderdag 23 juni 2011

Yamaha EX5 added to studio

While I celebrated holidays in Southern France for the last two weeks, another synthesizer was delivered, which found its place on one of the very few spots left in my studio in the meanwhile: the Yamaha EX5.
I am not going to review it or whatsoever, but recently I've found this piece of "youth sentiment" for a nice amount on the internet. I remember that the synth came out somewhere in 1996 and while playing on it in a music store, I immediately fell in love with its sounds. The past years I used to have my brave old Korg M1 as master keyboard, but because the availability of an extra octave and its very comfortable keys I prefer the EX5 as the new master keyboard.
Indeed I am keeping the M1 in my setup, because I still use it a lot.
As soon as some temporarily storage boxes in my studio have been moved, I will post some photo updates from my setup.

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