woensdag 8 juni 2011

New website, "i-Dentity" and EM For Life

While being on holidays, it's actually impossible not to be busy with my music...

Recently I've launched the Deserted Island Music website.
Actually it's a raw version 1.0 of the site which I am going to develop as soon as I find time for it, but most important for now is that you can find all necessary informations on it, including ordering details for my music.
There is also being worked on my Exhibition of Dreams website, which will include information about all my past, present and future projects. For the moment it only contains some "i-Dentity" promotion and ordering links. Indeed I will post on this blog as soon as there are any updates available.

Recently there has been added an extensive review of my latest album on the Synth&Sequences blog, by Sylvain Lupari.
His translated review of "This Is Not The End" can also be read on this page. The French versions (also of a lot of my older albums) appear on Guts of Darkness.

Reviews of "i-Dentity" and the E-Day festival appear in Dutch progrock magazine iO-Pages #101.

Electronic Music For Life
Stephan Schelle (of Musikzirkus) did a review of the benefit double album "Electronic Music For Life", which can be read on the new Empulsiv website (launched today).

On the donation tracker you can see the total amount that has already been raised with this project for the DRK (German Red Cross).

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