maandag 4 september 2017

Mäläskä live at Awakenings

Mäläskä - the improvisation project together with guitar player Petter Janse - are invited to play at the Awakenings concert series in Rugeley, U.K., September 16th.

Free Arts Lab live at the Awakenings All-Dayer, 11-10-2014.
Photo by Phil Booth
Petter and I already performed here (although on the previous location of Burton-on-Trent) with Free Arts Lab in 2014, and I debuted with a solo concert back in 2012.

This edition's complete line-up also includes Infinity Curve and Sinewaves Light.

In the meanwhile I am preparing visuals. The hard part of this is that we never know the output of our gigs in advance, so hopefully I can manage to create something that fits within the development of the things we are going to create live.

Last week Petter and I already made adjustments in our setup, and later this week we will have a final rehearsal.

For tickets and information, visit

Note that every ticket includes virtual ticket. Which means you will get the recordings of all performances in your mailbox afterwards. So if you buy a ticket, even if you are not able to attend the event, you directly support all performing artists. And you get something exclusive in return.

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  1. If you can put your visuals on an sd card or something we can play them back for you ;)