zondag 18 december 2016

Sequences podcast #100

Back in 2000 I was asked to contribute a track for Sequences magazine. This track was to appear on the accompanied audio cd with Sequences magazine #25 in 2001. For this occasion I submitted a 15-minutes track, called "The Long Night". At this time I had just released my second album, "The Art of Imagination", and therefore I was really surprised with the many positive reactions I got on this track.

After nearly 20 years of exsistence, the publishing of the physical magazine came to an end, but back in 2012 - after editor Mick Garlick moved to Australia - Sequences was continued as music podcast.
As we speak, in December 2016 the 100th episode of this electronic music podcast is being celebrated with a 3-hours special edition.

Mick follows and supports me since the very first hour, which is something very special in my opinion.
A couple of months ago he asked me to submit an exclusive track again. This time for current anniversary. Which I indeed did! This unreleased piece of music can be heard below, starting at 35:10:

Initially this (edited) track was recorded as tribute to Edgar Froese, who passed away almost 2 years ago.The piece was symbolically written in the minor keys of E and F, at 70 (Edgar's age) BPM.
In the end I wasn't happy with the result as honorable tribute, so I didn't submit it for the Edgar Froese tribute release it was intended for.

Last months I have been busy with the completion of my new album "Fears", as well as performing with Mäläskä. So I decided to browse through my archives where I ran into this track. I though it would fit perfectly into the show. Because it also contains similarities with the piece of music I submitted 15 years ago, I decided to call it "The Long Night - part 2".

Enjoy the nice show!

Congratulations to Mick and all at Sequences. Keep up the good work! Hopefully with many years to come.

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