maandag 10 oktober 2016

Concerts with Mäläskä and My Breath My Music

Last weekend was a busy one.
Mäläskä @ Graauwe Hengst, Schiedam.
Photo by Paul Cummins.

Mäläskä @ De Graauwe Hengst, Schiedam

Saturday Petter and I did another concert with Mäläskä. This time at music cafe De Graauwe Hengst in Schiedam.
Setting up all gear around 21:00, we set in our first notes at approximately 22:30. Really no indication how many attended our gig, but most of the time the place was completely filled with people. Our ambient intro was followed with a rather 'hard' continuation of the first set, containing a lot of techno beats and sequencing. We improvised for something like an hour on what should probably have been our heaviest set until date.

After a short break, we came back with a shorter and somewhat more subtle second set. After approximately 50 minutes we finished our gig, slightly past 0:30. We have to listen back the recordings, but judging from our experience at that moment and the audience's response we were very satisfied with our output.

Thanks a lot to Hilly and Jan for the opportunity to perform in their nice music cafe, and everyone who attended our gig.

Then, it was time to get all equipment together, and drive to the hotel to have a relatively short sleep. The following morning I had to be present in Zoetermeer for the second stage appearance of the

My Breath My Music In Concert @ Boerderij, Zoetermeer
Sunday, October 9th, it was time for My Breath My Music In Concert. A benefit concert-afternoon to collect money for the My Breath My Music establishment.

My Breath My Music concentrates on the development of adjusted instruments (like e.g. the Magic Flute). I already did a musical session (which we released on the cd "Sessions 2012") and concert with some of the establishment's members, and since then I am involved into their activities from time to time. It was an honour to receive My Breath My Music's invitation to join this wonderful event. Indeed I said yes to this. Even with the knowledge that it would take place on my birthday.

Around 10:30 my wife Paulien and I arrived at the venue. Strangely enough I had never been before on this really nice and atmospheric location.
Until 14:30 - the official start of the programme - we had all the time to setup, soundcheck, socialize and relax. The organisation and the venue's professional crew did a great job making everything happen flawlessly. The programme was scheduled to be finished at 17:30. The actual end was something like an hour later.

The venue offers space for approximately 750 people (standing places). Yesterday attracted around 350 visitors. Also including a relatively large amount of wheel chairs the place seemed to be filled for the largest part, and felt like a full-house.

A wide variety of musical acts made the program over-all interesting. While the main focus was to expose the musical skills of members of My Breath My Music, there were also involved a lot of supporting bands and artists. Participating musicians included ambassador of the establishment Candy Dulfer, The Bridge Band, DJ Storm, bagpipers, Big Band Enterprise, and many others.

Opening together with The Bridge Band, featuring Candy Dulfer.
Photo by Paulien Bouw.
The show started with a recorded video message by Steve Hackett, wishing all the best for the event. This was linked with the overture, which was the track "Prairie Angel", by the former Genesis member.
I started with some moody strings. Candy Dulfer set in with her saxophone. Then, the musicians of the Bridge Band accompanied. After this opening, we did a cover of Gavin DeGraw's "Sweeter". I played piano on this piece. Hereafter I left the stage.

Korneel, Remy and Christian after their performance.
Photo by Red Line Fotografie.
After a couple of great performances it was time for the 15-minute piece I wrote for this occasion. Featuring Korneel Oskam en Christian Gouweleeuw on Magic Flute and Elda Iyagbaye on drums.
I also made visuals which were displayed during our track. Although the piece might have been rather long for the average listener, we got a lot of positive response. The performance went quite well and the musicians did a great job!

As soon as we finished the track, Korneel, Christian and I got a nice and absolutely unexpected surprise: A wonderful award for our efforts for My Breath My Music.

MBMM Award.
Photo by Meeuwis Bouw.
The programme went on with more nice acts, and at a certain point the development of the Magic Flute 2.0 was announced. More and improved functionalities. Looking forward to the result of the final model.

Ruud van der Wel and everyone involved into this event did a tremendous job organising this wonderful initiative. Again, thanks a lot to Ruud for involving me into this benefit. Thanks to all musicians, all members of My Breath My Music. It was a pleasure to meet familiar faces, as well as meeting a lot of new people. Also many thanks to all helpful and friendly people at Cultuurpodium Boerderij. And, last but not least, everyone who attended this special concert afternoon.

So, that was my weekend!

Now again focussing on my upcoming album "Fears", which will see the light in less than 3 weeks...

With My Breath My Music ambassador Candy Dulfer.
Photo by Paulien Bouw.

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