maandag 15 augustus 2016

Violin recording

Yesterday I did another recording session for my upcoming studio album, "Fears".
Largest part of the compositions have been established by using synthesizers and samples. Besides, I have also recorded some parts on guitar.

Two of the tracks needed to be upgraded in some way. So I recently recorded a grand piano for one of the pieces, to let it sound more organic and natural. And I had in mind to record violin for the other one. My sister Irene took care of this. Yesterday, we recorded several parts, which will be layered in the end.
I decided to include real violin to add a more organic and dramatic feel to the specific track.

Coming weeks I am going to use for the mixing and completion of this track. The remaining titles will be fine-tuned too.

With at least one month to fix this, everything should be ready in time for the release of "Fears" on October 29th.

I can't hardly wait to share the new REMY album with you very soon! Finally, after five years.

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