woensdag 13 april 2016

New digital downloads and remasters

New album
As you could have read in one of my previous blogs, I am very excited to share a new studio album with you soon. My first solo release since 5 years.
I am planning to have a cd release of "Fears" somewhere in October. Within the last months there have already been some opportunities to hear some of the album's tracks on various internet radio stations. And there is more to come!

Digital downloads
Three of my recent albums are now available as digital download (MP3 and FLAC) from the Deserted Island Music webshop:
- "i-Dentity"
- "The Great Church Trilogy"
- REMY & My Breath My Music - "Sessions 2012"

Until October - before the release of my new solo album, "Fears" - the entire REMY back catalog is also going to be added to the webshop as digital downloads. Step by step, each three weeks another album.
Wouter Bessels has done the mastering of my music since "This Is Not The End". For the digital downloads he also took care of the remastering of all albums before 2008. The content of the strictly limited bonus CD-R's that once had been available to the first people who bought the CD's, are also included.
On top of that, I also revisited the artwork for all titles.

But we are kicking off with "Archives 3" on April 15th. This third episode of my archive recordings contains a concert and an improvisation from 2007.

Upcoming releases overview*:
April 15: "Archives 3"
May 13: "Exhibition of Dreams" / "Exhibition of Dreams" (bonus)
June 3: "The Art of Imagination"
June 24: "DisConnected" / "Connected" / "DisConnected Sessions" (bonus)
July 15: "Different Shades of Dust" / "A-Live" (bonus)
August 5: "Sense" / "Sense" (bonus)
August 26: "This Is Not The End" / "This Is Not The End" (bonus)
September 16: "EoD"
October 7: "Archives 4"
October 29: "Fears"

* April 20th, the dates have been adjusted.

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