zaterdag 4 januari 2014

Rehearsing session for the January 10th concert

Today was rehearsing day for the upcoming concert in Theater De Wegwijzer, on January 10th.
The morning was used to move Jeroen's drum kit to my studio, and set it up.
Once installed we spent some time adjusting the technical stuff for the drums and the monitoring.

Later on we were joined by Martijn and his (bowed) guitar.
We rehearsed all parts in which drums and bowed guitar are involved.
For now we skipped my solo parts, but we will do the two complete sets entirely later this week.
Today it wasn't the first day we rehearsed the music of the concert, so most of the tracks went very smooth.
Actually there was only one track that had to be adjusted slightly.
When having done this I can say that I am very, very excited about the over-all output so far.
We ended the day with some improvisations!

Here is a video excerpt:

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