maandag 28 januari 2013

Another very productive "Primitives" studio session

Last weekend was a very productive and intensive one, having worked for two days in a row in the Apollo Studio with Michel ( for the production of our "Primitives" album.
Although we are in the final stage of the process, there still is a lot of work to do.
Everything is absolutely manageable, but we really need to tune both our schedules as efficiently as possible the coming 4-5 weeks.
We now particulairy focussed on the mixing of two tracks which needed most attention. They also got a nice boost with the addition of some extra solos and effects.
And unfortunately we have had an very unexpected technical issue with another track, which took a lot of our precious time. Luckily, this morning I received a phonecall from Michel that he fixed the problems.

Another part of our recent session also consisted of discussing the mastering and post-production process with Wouter Bessels.
Wouter (who has been doing the mastering for my solo albums since 2008) is going to concentrate on this final phase of our project, before the audio master is being sent to the factory.

Next month we should  at least have two more studio sessions to complete "Primitives", and in the meanwhile Michel and I both will make some more adjustments in our own studios.

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