woensdag 15 augustus 2012

Planet of the Arps @ Bochum Planetarium

Saturday September 15th I will be premiering a completely new ambient project, called "Planet of the Arps", at the Bochum Planetarium.
The piece is a work in progress from 2010, and has been 'perfected' since then.
It consists of music which doesn't entirely fit into the REMY-tradition, so I decided to give it another name.
There was no intention to do something that hasn't been done already, but I 'just' wanted to create a piece of ambient music in the style of for example the well-known "Dark Side of the Moog" series bij Klaus Schulze and Pete Namlook.

"Planet of the Arps" refers to the sci-fi movie Planet of the Apes, Arps (galaxies) as collected by Dr. Halton C. Arp, synthesizer manufacturer Arp, and the musical term 'arpeggio'.
I decided to specifically perform this piece on this special evening at the planetarium, because I think the project fits perfectly into these universal circumstances, accompanied by visuals from space.
Also performing this evening: Moonbooter.
At the end of the evening, we will do a session together.

Tickets and information: http://www.planetarium-bochum.de/de_DE/calendar/detail/10653524

Besides the performance of "Planet of the Arps" there is also been worked on a cd release of it, with the cooperation of a familiar name in the EM/ambient-scene. To be continued...

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